Anti-gun websites hilariously overreacted to a photo of Marine and Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer posed in a photo with his baby daughter and his holster. The National Review promptly mocked the faux outrage.

Via the National Review:

That’s Dakota Meyer — a Marine who was awarded the Medal of Honor for action in the Battle of Ganjgal (you can read my review of his book here). If there is a man alive today who know how to handle a firearm, it’s Dakota Meyer.

Notwithstanding his expertise and experience, internet trolls freaked out at the proximity of his pistol to his baby daughter. Here’s how the Daily Mail described the picture:

In the image, the Medal of Honor winner appears to be getting ready to leave his house. While he can be seen adjusting the holster, Sailor is innocently sucking on her pacifier, unaware that a lethal weapon is mere inches away from her.

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