Take a look at the definition of "sensitive area."

Via My Central Jersey: 

A proposed ordinance that would prohibit the retail sale of firearms or ammunition within 1,000 feet of sensitive locations was introduced at Tuesday's Township Council meeting, according to a statement from the township.  

Councilman Steven Cahn, an attorney and former U.S. Marine captain, proposed the ordinance, which is considered to be the first of its kind in the state, the statement said. Under the measure, retail sales would be banned near schools, day care sites, college campuses, medical facilities, bars, parks, places of worship and similar sites. 

“An AR-15 with a standard round has a maximum effective range of 400-600 meters," Cahn said in the statement. " At the very least, those who sell these weapons of war under lax federal laws should not be that close to places were children and families gather. Since the federal government refuses to ban these weapons, we need to be ever more proactive at the local level.”

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