Top California Dems at odds over who will lead fight for more gun control

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is backing a sweeping ballot measure to regulate guns, while Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León is pushing his own list of bills through the Legislature.

Newsom, who is currently running to replace Gov. Jerry Brown, would place a five-point list of gun control measures in front of voters in the coming general election. De Leon, known nationwide for his failed “ghost gun” legislation, is helping to push a half-dozen or more proposals through the Senate that would accomplish many of the same initiatives that the would-be governor is backing.

However, De Leon made it clear to the state’s number two Democrat last week that there may not be room for competitors in the California gun control game.

Second Amendment advocates are not impressed with either side in the argument.

“This infighting just goes to show that their efforts are not about protecting people from gun violence,” Craig J. DeLuz, director of communications with the Firearms Policy Coalition, told Guns. com. “It’s about getting in the news and taking credit for banning guns.”

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