ABC News: California Senate Approves Sweeping Gun-Control Measures

Democrats in the California Senate made another attempt Thursday to outlaw the sale of assault weapons with easily detachable magazines as part of a wide-ranging slate of gun control bills they approved.

Lawmakers also voted to require that people turn in magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds as they backed nearly a dozen measures that would significantly reshape California’s gun laws, already among the strictest in the U.S. The move follows last year’s terrorist attack in San Bernardino.

Legislative leaders are rushing to head off a ballot measure advocated by Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, a fellow Democrat, asking voters to enact many of the same policies. They worry the initiative will fire up gun rights supporters, potentially increasing turnout of conservative voters who could impact the result in close districts.

Gun rights advocates blasted the Senate for rushing the legislation to meet a deadline at the end of June for Newsom to withdraw his initiative.

“It is nothing short of unconscionable that millions of law-abiding Californians are being used as chess pieces in a twisted political game to see who can race to the bottom first,” said Craig DeLuz, legislative advocate for the gun rights group Firearms Policy Coalition.

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