Chip In $10

UPDATED: FEB 14, 2020

Maryland’s new Speaker of the House is up to the same old tricks inspired by the Billionaire Michael Bloomberg and his anti-rights playbook.

Her bill, HB 1261 would ban the most commonly owned semi-automatic rifles and pistols.

Additionally, the bill would mandate that if you want to keep the guns you currently own, that you pay up to a $1,000 tax, and also register them.

Of course, we know criminals are not going to obey these laws. Like in other states and cities, the last large flurry of gun control laws in Maryland had no significant impact on gun crime, in fact it increased and hasn't come down.

As with many other states, they've also "flooded the zone" with dozens of gun control bills in MD again this year. That's why important that you act today and your representatives in Annapolis that they work for you, and your rights are not for sale and non-negotiable.