U.S. Supreme Court Re-Lists Jackson v. San Francisco for 4th Time

SCOTUS Jackson docket 5-18-2015
SCOTUS Jackson docket 5-18-2015

Earlier today, the United States Supreme Court “relisted” the Jackson v. San Francisco petition for certiorari (request for review) for the fourth consecutive time. The Jackson petition is now scheduled for the Court’s May 21 conference.

Your Firearms Policy Coalition filed an amicus brief in support of the Jackson petitioners with the Supreme Court in January, urging it to reverse a wrongly-decided Ninth Circuit opinion that upheld a City of San Francisco gun control law.

While there is no way to know for sure, a petition being relisted multiple times by the Supreme Court [as Jackson has been] suggests that the Court may be seriously considering taking up the case for plenary (full) review, issuing a summary reversal, or allowing one or more Justices time to draft a dissent.

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