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  • Council File - 18-0732
  • Position: Strongly Opposed
  • Sponsor: Councilmember Englander

LA City Councilmember Englander has proposed legislation to unconstitutionally restrict the rights of people to speak, publish, and republish truthful, non-misleading information that is freely available in the public domain.

In an August 3 motion by Englander and Councilmember Krekorian (seconded by Councilmember Harris-Dawson), he said that the “City [of Los Angeles] should establish an ordinance which prohibits and/or regulates the possession and use of both the 3D printed firearms as well as the blueprints that contain the instructions for said firearms” and moved the City Attorney to “prepare and present an ordinance that will enable the City of Los Angeles to prohibit and/or regulate the printing, manufacturing, possession, distribution, sale or transfer of 3D printed firearms of any kind as well as the blueprints detailing the specifications of a 3D printed firearm.”

Thus, there can be no question that the legislation and policies Englander is sponsoring would impose a prior restraint on and criminally punish constitutionally-protected speech and information. Accordingly, we, as well as our members and supporters are deeply concerned about the proposed ban on free speech. 

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