It was insane... 

Via LA Times:

With emotions still raw over the massacre in Orlando, Fla., tempers flared Tuesday as divided California state lawmakers advanced a dozen gun-control bills, including proposals to outlaw the sale of semiautomatic rifles with easily detachable magazines.

“Less than 72 hours ago, 49 people were slain in a nightclub in Orlando,” (Assemblymember Evan) Low said during the hearing. “It’s very difficult for me to sit here and look you in the eye and have respect for you, Dan.”

Low later added, “The reason they were murdered was because of your organization.”

Sen. Isadore Hall (D-Compton) also denounced gun-control opponents who testified that the bills would not save lives. He called them “crazy, vicious, heartless” people, adding that “they need to wash their mouths because they are filthy.”

Republican state Sen. Andy Vidak of Hanford later wrote to the leaders of the Senate ethics committee asking them to review whether Hall’s comments violated the house’s Standards of Conduct, which require members to behave in a manner that does not discredit the house.

“While the issue of gun control can be an emotional one, that is no excuse for Senator Hall to use such intolerant and disrespectful language aimed at those of us who don’t agree with him,” Vidak wrote. “I leave it to your committee to hand down whatever discipline is appropriate to restore the honor and integrity of the California State Senate.”

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