Craig Deluz, who works for the Firearms Policy Coalition, said the missed deadline will force other ammunition stores to close. To his knowledge, none of the roughly 230 ammunition stores that applied for licenses have been issued them.

“Unless the California Department of Justice basically says we’re not going to enforce the law, they really don’t have a choice,” Deluz said.


A missed deadline at the California Department of Justice is leaving some ammunition stores with a tough choice: close their doors or keep selling ammo while breaking the law.

Ammunition vendor licenses are a new requirement starting Jan. 1, 2018 for stores that sell ammunition but not guns.

The licenses passed as part of Prop 63 and are supposed to be issued by the California Department of Justice. The CA DOJ said last week the licenses would be issued by the deadline, however that didn’t happen.

When Foothill Ammo owner Chris Puehse opens his Cameron Park store Tuesday, he’ll likely be breaking the law.

“I did all my paper work. I paid the fees. They’ve had time to figure this out. This is not my problem,” Puehse said.

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