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Joe "Double Barrel" Biden has released his plan to take your guns, and it's just as crazy as he is.

In fact, we couldn't believe it at first, but Biden's plan is almost as expansive as the HR 5717 Gunpocalypse.

Indeed, the Biden Plan goes above and beyond the normal election season gun control proposals to regulate your firearms.

For starters, Biden calls for legislation to "incentivize" state and local governments to create gun licensing programs. 

In other words, prepare to have unelected bureaucrats have the final say on whether you can purchase a firearm.

But that's not all, because the Biden Plan also calls for requiring that all firearms possess "Smart Gun" technology. 

Translation: The Government will have a "killswitch" that it can use to disable your firearms when you need them most. 

The Biden Plan even calls for the creation of a "Task Force" to study "online extremism" and focus on the connection between so-called extremism and mass shootings, leading to people being labeled as a threat for their political beliefs.

Meaning your next pro-2A Facebook post could be used to justify the ATF raiding your home.

Most disturbingly, the Biden Plan reads like an Encyclopedia of Gun Control Vol. II ...  the sequel to HR 5717.

Just look at some of Double Barrel Joe's other ideas for the Second Amendment:

  • Ban the sale of guns and ammo online
  • Regulate your existing rifles under the NFA
  • Increase ATF funding and re-task the Justice Department to target gun owners
  • Ban "Ghost Guns" and home builds
  • Force you to lock up your guns or face criminal penalties
  • Take gun confiscation schemes mainstream
  • Force you to register all your firearms with the federal government
  • Ban your rifles
  • Ban your magazines
  • Ration your guns
  • Spend tens of millions of your taxpaying dollars to "empower" the CDC to study "gun violence"
  • And this list goes on and on and on

In fact, it's clear from reading this plan that Double Barrel Joe didn't actually write it. People like Michael Bloomberg did.

You can tell from just a few sentences that this goes beyond the usual election season pandering to anti-gun groups.

And that's what's so frightening about the Biden Plan. Even if Biden loses the election, it's clear these ideas will be embraced and possibly even pushed by the mainstream Democrat Party establishment. 

Or, in an absolute nightmare scenario, Biden wins and rams all of the above through a Democrat-controlled Congress.

That would literally be the end of the Second Amendment. Which is why we need to fight back NOW! However, we will have a much greater chance of stopping Biden with your help.

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