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Just when the FPC Legislative Team thought they could call it a day, lawmakers in Congress introduced a bill with the potential to COMPLETELY DESTROY 2A RIGHTS as we know them.

H.R.7115, the Federal Gun Parts Ban, would not only prohibit home-gunsmithing, but also ban the purchase of most modern sporting rifle parts such as triggers, springs, bolts, barrels, grips, stocks - you name it.

Anti-gunners in the House introduced this bill in the midst of the election chaos with the hopes that nobody would notice, but we did.

The FPC Legislative Team is working around the clock RIGHT NOW to KILL THIS BILL, but they can't ensure it's destruction without the support of pro-freedom individuals like you.

Help Us Beat H.R.7115!

Please make a small contribution RIGHT NOW to help FPC neutralize this enormous threat to the Second Amendment.

We cannot allow this underhanded attempt at disarmament to succeed, but we can't beat it alone.

Don't let the deceptive enemies of freedom win this war on guns. 

So act now and defend liberty before it's gone for good.

Preserve Freedom!