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Well there you have it...

Via Hot Air:

YouGov asked people whether they favor or oppose banning semiautomatic weapons. Note: Not semiautomatic rifles, which some might incorrectly but understandably treat as a question about AR-15s or “assault weapons.” YouGov asked about semiautomatic weapons. That means handguns too. Result:

Overall Americans are at 55/33, with even Republicans at a surprisingly narrow 37/53 in opposition. YouGov should have followed up by asking people to define “semiautomatic” and presenting them with four possible definitions. I’d be curious to see what percentage answered correctly. Instead they followed up by asking how people feel about banning all handguns (except those issued to officers of the state, of course!), which would include revolvers. Result:

Americans are strongly opposed overall but Democrats are on the fence at 44/46. Which way will those numbers tilt in coming years, do you suppose, as the party drifts left and gives up on working-class white voters to chase an Obama-style coalition of young adults, minorities, and the highly educated?

Democrats are also evenly split at 39/41 on, uh, whether to repeal the Second Amendment, which is a 21/60 proposition among the broader population. 

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