A pro-2A win in Nevada... for now.

Via Guns.com:

Government officials in Nevada pumped the brakes last week on a proposed statewide regulation to ban firearm discharges within a mile of occupied homes.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife’s Board of Commissioners agreed over the weekend to shelve the proposal, for now, after amending the distance down to 1,500 feet for most firearms and 500 feet for shotguns, crossbows and archery.

“The Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners chose not to advance the regulation to the next agenda as an action item,” Tyler Turnipseed, chief game warden for the Nevada Department of Wildlife, told Guns.com Tuesday. “So it will be on the back burner for at least the near future, if not indefinitely.”

The commissioners first floated the idea of enacting a uniform gun discharge policy in October, after a patchwork of inconsistent local ordinances left state game wardens unable to resolve multiple complaints about disrespectful hunters chasing game through residential neighborhoods.

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