Gov. Deal, in his final term in office, has 40 days to veto, sign or allow the measure to simply become law without his signature.


Working past midnight on the final day of session, legislators approved a bill to bring lawful concealed carry to Georgia’s public colleges and universities.

The measure, HB 280, would amend Georgia law to drop some gun free zones on postsecondary campuses. It was approved by the House last month and sent back by the Senate this week with changes that had to be worked out Thursday in committee conference. The proposal now heads to Republican Gov. Nathan Deal who vetoed a similar bill in 2016.

Republican House Speaker David Ralston argued Thursday that, while the current bill was not as much of a reform as some would like, it still strengthens Second Amendment protections for Georgians.

“You don’t all the time score a touchdown on a play. I though we got a first down at least,” Ralston said.

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