Is anyone surprised that politicians made a deal to squash a pro-Second Amendment bill in order to push their own agenda? 


Republicans in the Florida House agreed Tuesday to kill a pro-gun bill in exchange for Democratic support of a bill to create a water storage reservoir for the Everglades.

The Miami Herald reported the horse-trade essentially left Sen. Greg Steube’s last pro-gun bill dead in the water, after it had been hastily added to the Tuesday calendar without the usual consideration in House committees.

The measure, Senate Bill 616, would have allowed lawful gun owners with concealed carry permits to store their firearms with security in courthouses.

The bill was all set to be heard in the House when Democrats struck a deal with Republicans at the last minute, promising their support for the Everglades water restoration bill championed by Republican Senate President Joe Negron.

Republican House Speaker Richard Corcoran needed the Democrats support to get the Everglades water bill, Senate Bill 10, passed in the House and so agreed to drop Steube’s last remaining gun bill.

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