Via Guns.com: 

President Obama’s U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service administrator joined with a group of outdoor writers and photographers to pen an editorial calling for a number of new gun restrictions.

Former FWS Director Dan Ashe was among a dozen public figures to sign an opinion piece published last week by the Huffington Post entitled “An Open Letter From Hunters About Gun Reform.” In the letter, the group argues that 10 steps are needed to “address America’s crisis of gun violence,” while keeping abreast of the Second Amendment.

“We do not need AR-15s or any assault-style weapon to hunt game. That’s not to say some people won’t use them to hunt. But they are simply not necessary, and are actually not preferable for legitimate, fair-chase hunting,” the group said.

Besides outlawing the sale of all semi-auto rifles and shotguns capable of holding more than 10 cartridges with exceptions for .22s, the signatories propose a ban on gun sales to those under age 21 — despite a federal survey conducted by Ashe’s own agency that found some 1.2 million hunters are under the age of 25. 

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