Ultra wealthy liberal activists, frustrated by the legislative process, have turned to a state ballot initiative-based strategy to implement their social engineering dreams. This direct-to-the-people process allows them to bypass politicians and candidate contribution limits, and run their own disinformation campaigns so voters will be deceived into voting for their vision of a disarmed civilian population.

While it’s enjoyable to poke fun at the man for his eccentricities, the effects of his (and other filthy rich social justice warriors) obsession with telling other people what to do is extremely dangerous.

The passage of anti-rights initiatives in California, Washington, and Nevada illustrate that, without a doubt, the democratic process has been hijacked by billionaire left-wing constitutional terrorists.

In just this cycle, $25 million of Bloomberg’s $65 million in political spending was aimed at supporting gun control ballot initiatives, mostly in Washington, Maine, and Nevada. He also spent millions rewarding candidates who introduce or support his “anti-obesity” or “gun safety” projects.

Bloomberg was joined by Steve Ballmer, Paul Allen, and venture capitalist Nicolas Hanauer in funding Washington State’s “Extreme Risk Protection Order” ballot initiative. Between Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety group and those three individuals, more than $2 million of the $4.1 million supporting the initiative was raised.

In California, a number of billionaires contributed to Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s extreme gun control measure, Proposition 63. Over $1 million of the $5 million Newsom’s initiative raised came from just five people: Napster’s Sean Parker, Hyatt Hotels heir Nicholas Pritzker II, Dagmar Dolby (widow of Dolby Laboratories founder Ray Dolby), Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff, and real estate broker George Marcus.

In contrast, the small state-based gun rights advocacy groups fighting this power grab were funded by thousands and thousands of hard-working, law-abiding people who simply want the ability to enjoy the fundamental rights enumerated in the US Constitution.

Unfortunately, their opposition wasn’t enough this time against the millions of dollars the well-heeled elitists contributed to the initiative groups, which was multiplied by the mainstream media, who were all too eager to spread gun control propaganda and talking points.

This is a wake-up call to gun owners and civil rights activists to never let our guard down and renew our vows to not let a handful of wealthy elitists succeed at destroying our way of life by buying our democratic processes.

Our way of life is not for sale.