2016 California Legislative Grades

This year, the Second Amendment has been under constant attack in California. The anti-gun bills that were passed were so horrendous that FPC coined a new term – “Gunpocalypse” – to describe them.

Our grades are based on votes that Assemblymembers and Senators took and the bills that they authored or coauthored. Members were given an A+ if they authored a pro-gun bill and had a perfect voting record. A+ Members earn the distinction of “FPC Defender of Liberty.”

On the flip side, Members were given the ranking of TYRANT if they showed a commitment to civilian disarmament and also authored or supported a “Gunpocalypse” bill, meaning a bill that literally strips guns away from law-abiding individuals.

There are no moderates in the battle for the Second Amendment, as the grades reveal. The majority of legislators either received an A, F, or TYRANT grade on our report card.

It has been an uphill battle so far, but despite the assault on our gun rights we have had success in convincing the Legislature and Governor to kill many of the anti-gun bills. As for the ones that were signed into law, FPC is committed to continue the fight against them.

The grades are provided side-by-side with legislators’ 2015 grades to provide a full picture of how members voted during the 2015-16 legislative session.

Assembly1Brian DahleRep.AA
Assembly2Jim WoodDem.F-F
Assembly3James GallagherRep.A+A+
Assembly4Bill DoddDem.F-F
Assembly5Frank BigelowRep.AA
Assembly6Beth GainesRep.AA
Assembly7Kevin McCartyDem.TYRANTF
Assembly8Ken CooleyDem.FD-
Assembly9Jim CooperDem.TYRANTF
Assembly10Marc LevineDem.TYRANTF
Assembly11Jim FrazierDem.AB
Assembly12Kristin OlsenRep.AA
Assembly13Susan Talamantes EggmanDem.F-F
Assembly14Susan BonillaDem.F-F
Assembly15Tony ThurmondDem.TYRANTF
Assembly16Catharine BakerRep.F-C-
Assembly17David ChiuDem.TYRANTF
Assembly18Rob BontaDem.TYRANTF
Assembly19Philip Y. TingDem.TYRANTF
Assembly20Bill QuirkDem.TYRANTF
Assembly21Adam GrayDem.A-C+
Assembly22Kevin MullinDem.TYRANTF
Assembly23Jim PattersonRep.AA
Assembly24Richard S. GordonDem.F-F
Assembly25Kansen ChuDem.TYRANTF
Assembly26Devon MathisRep.A+A
Assembly27Nora CamposDem.TYRANTF-
Assembly28Evan LowDem.TYRANTF-
Assembly29Mark StoneDem.F-F-
Assembly30Luis A. AlejoDem.F-F
Assembly31Joaquin ArambulaDem.D-N/A
Assembly32Rudy Salas, Jr.Dem.A-D-
Assembly33Jay ObernolteRep.A+A
Assembly34Shannon L. GroveRep.A+A
Assembly35Katcho AchadjianRep.AA
Assembly36Tom LackeyRep.AA
Assembly37Das WilliamsDem.TYRANTF
Assembly38Scott WilkRep.AA
Assembly39Patty LopezDem.F-F
Assembly40Marc SteinorthRep.AA
Assembly41Chris R. HoldenDem.TYRANTF
Assembly42Chad MayesRep.A+A
Assembly43Mike GattoDem.F-F
Assembly44Jacqui IrwinDem.F-F
Assembly45Matthew DababnehDem.TYRANTF
Assembly46Adrin NazarianDem.TYRANTF-
Assembly47Cheryl R. BrownDem.F-F
Assembly48Roger HernandezDem.TYRANTF
Assembly49Ed ChauDem.TYRANTF
Assembly50Richard BloomDem.F-F
Assembly51Jimmy GomezDem.TYRANTF
Assembly52Freddie RodriguezDem.F-F
Assembly53Miguel SantiagoDem.TYRANTF-
Assembly54Sebastian Ridley-ThomasDem.TYRANTD-
Assembly55Ling Ling ChangRep.D-A
Assembly56Eduardo GarciaDem.TYRANTF
Assembly57Ian C. CalderonDem.TYRANTF
Assembly58Cristina GarciaDem.TYRANTF
Assembly59Reginald B. Jones-Sawyer, Sr.Dem.TYRANTF
Assembly60Eric LinderRep.AC+
Assembly61Jose MedinaDem.F-F
Assembly62Autumn BurkeDem.TYRANTF
Assembly63Anthony RendonDem.TYRANTF
Assembly64Mike GipsonDem.TYRANTF
Assembly65Young KimRep.AA
Assembly66David HadleyRep.D+C+
Assembly67Melissa A. MelendezRep.A+A+
Assembly68Donald P. WagnerRep.AA
Assembly69Tom DalyDem.F-F
Assembly70Patrick O'DonnellDem.TYRANTF
Assembly71Brian W. JonesRep.AA
Assembly72Travis AllenRep.A+A
Assembly73William BroughRep.AA
Assembly74Matthew HarperRep.AA
Assembly75Marie WaldronRep.AA
Assembly76Rocky J. ChavezRep.A+A
Assembly77Brian MaienscheinRep.A-A
Assembly78Toni AtkinsDem.TYRANTF
Assembly79Shirley N. WeberDem.TYRANTF
Assembly80Lorena GonzalezDem.TYRANTF-
Senate1Ted GainesRep.AA
Senate2Mike McGuireDem.TYRANTF-
Senate3Lois WolkDem.F-F-
Senate4Jim NielsenRep.AB-
Senate5Cathleen GalgianiDem.D-D
Senate6Richard PanDem.TYRANTF-
Senate7Steven GlazerDem.TYRANTF-
Senate8Tom BerryhillRep.AA+
Senate9Loni HancockDem.TYRANTF-
Senate10Bob WieckowskiDem.TYRANTF-
Senate11Mark LenoDem.TYRANTF-
Senate12Anthony CannellaRep.AA
Senate13Jerry HillDem.TYRANTF-
Senate14Andy VidakRep.AA
Senate15Jim BeallDem.TYRANTF-
Senate16Jean FullerRep.AA
Senate17Bill MonningDem.TYRANTF-
Senate18Robert HertzbergDem.TYRANTF
Senate19Hannah-Beth JacksonDem.TYRANTF-
Senate20Connie LeyvaDem.F-F-
Senate21Sharon RunnerRep.AA
Senate22Ed HernandezDem.TYRANTF-
Senate23Mike MorrellRep.AA
Senate24Kevin de LeonDem.TYRANTF-
Senate25Carol LiuDem.TYRANTF-
Senate26Benjamin AllenDem.TYRANTF-
Senate27Fran PavleyDem.TYRANTF-
Senate28Jeff StoneRep.AA
Senate29Bob HuffRep.AA
Senate30Holly J. MitchellDem.TYRANTF-
Senate31Richard D. RothDem.AA
Senate32Tony MendozaDem.TYRANTF-
Senate33Ricardo LaraDem.TYRANTF-
Senate34Janet NguyenRep.AA
Senate35Isadore Hall, IIIDem.TYRANTF-
Senate36Patricia C. BatesRep.AC+
Senate37John M. W. MoorlachRep.AA
Senate38Joel AndersonRep.AA
Senate39Marty BlockDem.TYRANTF-
Senate40Ben HuesoDem.F-F