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Bill/Issue: GA HB 2 - Constitutional Carry

  • Position: Support w/ Amendment
  • Author: Rep. Gurtler (R-8)

Summary: HB 2 would greatly expand the right of people in Georgia to concealed carry firearms. This bill would make the default position of the law that a person is allowed to concealed carry in most public spaces as well as their own private property. HB 2 would also remove the need for a licence in order to concealed carry. Passing HB 2 would add another state to the union of other states who have taken a stand in defending the people’s right to carry firearms. However, persons under 21 years of age should also be included in this bill in order to receive full support. This will signal to other states on the fence about constitutional carry that they are in the right and hopefully bring an end to this unconstitutional restriction on the right to bear arms.

UPDATE: GA HB 2 failed in House