SACRAMENTO, CA (July 8, 2016) – Civil rights organization Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) is urging law-abiding people to prepare themselves in the wake of yet another horrific act of violence.

Last night, five law enforcement officers were killed and others were wounded in what is being reported by the mainstream media as a planned attack during an otherwise-peaceful “Black Lives Matter” protest in Dallas, Texas.

FPC warned that the news and political establishments will undoubtedly leverage the events of the past 24 hours to promote their total disarmament agenda.

The grassroots group said that people should expect more calls for bans on Constitutionally-protected firearms, bullet-resistant personal protective equipment, ammunition, and potentially even bolt-action hunting rifles the media sometimes mistakenly calls “sniper rifles.”

Firearms Policy Coalition President Brandon Combs said, “I have no doubt in my mind that opportunistic statists across the political spectrum will exploit the tragedy in Dallas just like they did the ISIS attacks in San Bernardino and Orlando.”

“The rational response to San Bernardino, Orlando, and Dallas is obvious: Every law-abiding person in America should immediately acquire at least one firearm, plenty of ammunition, spare parts, body armor, and training in the tactical use of those self-defense instruments,” explained Combs. “Everyone needs to remember that they are their own first responder and that when seconds count, the government is minutes or more away–if it can even respond at all.”

“Americans have been thrust into troubling and highly-dangerous times thanks to authoritarian, race-baiting tyrants in government helmed by ISIS sympathizer and President Barack Obama,” said Combs.

“America under Obama has devolved into violent tribalism and anti-gun policies that welcome terrorism,” concluded Combs. “If you care about your personal safety, it’s time to stand up, be prepared, and be politically active. The war to save the Bill of Rights is right here and right now.”