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Bill/Issue: FL SB 1310 & HB 1165 - Punishes Minors/Parents for Posting Pictures of Guns to Social Media

  • Position: Opposed
  • Author: Sen Pizzo (D-38) & Rep. Jones (D-101)

Do you want your kids to see a dead body?

Well with SB 1310 & HB 1165 you don’t get that choice. These bills make it a first degree misdemeanor for children to post on their public social media any kind of gun. This includes BB guns, air rifles, or even objects displayed to look like firearms.

The kids punishment for this misdemeanor?

Just a community service program for the parent and child that requires BOTH TO WORK IN HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM THAT DEALS WITH TRAUMA PATIENTS AND GUNSHOT WOUNDS.

That’s right. Sen. Pizzo and Rep. Jones think that if your child expresses an interest in firearms then they should be forced to see dying people and bloody gunshot wounds.

Move over parents, the government is in charge of your child now and they want them to see death.

Forget the right to free speech, forget the right to bear arms, forget the rights of the parent, forget cruel and unusual punishment, for Sen. Pizzo and Rep. Jones those are minor irritations that just get in the way of them making your kids think guns are bad through dead body immersion therapy.

We don’t like to say this too often, but for the sake of your child’s innocence this law CAN NOT be allowed to pass.

UPDATE: SB 1310 withdrawn from further consideration!