Chip In $10

U.S. Senators Tim Kaine (D-VA) and Mark Warner (D-VA) introduced federal gun control legislation seeking to create federal “red flag” standards for firearms confiscation. The bill, S.1155, would expand background checks, limit handgun purchases, and enact red flag laws at a national level. Contact your Senators now to oppose S.1155!

This “red flag” bill would allow a judge to order the seizure of guns from a person if there is “evidence” that he or she could be a risk to himself or others. Of course, without standard due process or the burden of proof necessary for a criminal case, it can only be left up to the imagination how easily this type of legislation could be abused. The “red flag” orders would apply even if a targeted gun owner did not commit a crime and is not even suspected of committing a crime.

These laws are a gross violation of the liberties and property rights of American gun owners. At a time when Congress is protected by barbed wire and automatic weapons, it is beyond disturbing that legislation like this would be filed.

Make sure you do your part by contacting your Senators to oppose federal “red flag” legislation!