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Bill/Issue: CT HB 7218 - Mandatory Safe Storage of Firearms

  • Position: Opposed
  • Author: House Judiciary Committee

Summary: HB 7218 would require firearms to be locked/stored away in households with minors or it is likely a minor can gain access. This would leave gun owners unable to quickly respond to threats in their own home. When seconds matter, HB 7218 forces gun owners to store their firearms in safes or render them in such a manner that they couldn’t be quickly used.

HB 7218 will also expand the public school “gun safety” program to all grades K-12. This program curriculum would be created by the Connecticut Board of Education with advice from Police Chiefs Association. Meaning that there is a high likelihood that this program will be filled with anti-gun rhetoric and very little knowledge of actual firearms safety.

UPDATE: CT HB 7218 passed into law.