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Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Diane Feinstein, and their corrupt allies in Congress are attempting to unleash a new Gunpocalypse on the American people. Gun control bills in both the House and Senate now threaten everything from bans on standard-capacity magazines and common semiautomatic rifles, to mandatory gun licensing, expanded background checks, and more. Congress is currently hearing this legislation and could vote to further advance it at any time. 

Any legislation like this would set a crushing blow to our rights. We need to stomp out this legislation the second it pops up. Pelosi and her gun-grabbing buddies in Congress are looking to pass legislation like this as soon as they can - so we need to act now! 

Join your fellow patriots and sign this petition below to stop the 2022 Gunpocalypse.

As an ardent advocate for our civil rights, especially those lined out in the Second Amendment, I oppose this new reactionary legislation and all attempts to pass any new gun control legislation!

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