And the anti-gunners freak out in 3...2...1...


We found half a dozen online, like the AR Maglock, the Patriot Mag Release the MA Loader, or the Bear Flag Defense. They are all designed to allow bullet button gun owners to avoid registering, yet still have fast re-loading weapons.

The Department of Justice won’t say whether any of these devices are legal until after it issues formal regulations on how to implement the new assault weapons ban, a process that is six months behind schedule. But advocates for stricter gun laws are already crying foul.

“It’s a game of whackamole,” said Ari Freilich with the Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Freilich helped lawmakers in Sacramento craft the new gun law.

“You don’t need to slaughter a herd of deer when you are hunting, that is what they are saying these are for. These are weapons of war. If we can add an additional second of reload we can save lives. A classroom of children escaped the Sandy Hook massacre while the shooter stopped to reload,” he said.

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