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West Virginia Gov. Tomblin Vetoes SB 347

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (March 20, 2015) – Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin today vetoed Senate Bill 347, creating Firearms Act of 2015: “Throughout my career, I have strongly supported the Second Amendment, as demonstrated by my repeated endorsements and high grades from the National Rifle Association. However,... Read More

Ignorant Hit Piece on Home-Built Firearms (“Ghost Guns”) by the ATF shills at Vice

An ignorant hit piece on home-built firearms (so-called “ghost guns”) from the ATF shills at At what point does a gun become a gun? The difference between a firearm and an inanimate hunk of aluminum is just a matter of a few of holes... Read More

More handguns sold in California in 2014 than during any other year on record

From the Sacramento Bee: Dealers sold more than 510,000 handguns in California during 2014, more than double the number sold four years prior, according to new figures from the state Department of Justice. Handgun sales in 2014 set a new California record, far outpacing the... Read More

KCRA3: “Ghost guns cause concern, especially in Stockton”

From A bill requiring anyone who assembles a gun to apply for a serial number was vetoed at the state Capitol recently. Gov. Jerry Brown denied the bill, but supporters said they would try to push the issue again. The bill’s author said laws... Read More

Putting teeth in Heller’s promise

“Putting teeth in Heller’s promise,” from When Congress enacted the federal Gun Control Act of 1968, with its broad provisions for the disarmament of potentially dangerous people, the Second Amendment laid dormant. Courts paid the Second Amendment cursory attention, considering the provision only when... Read More