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Joshua Wheeler was arrested at this building

The Hill: Intern arrested for allegedly bringing gun to House office building

Ben Kamiser for The Hill reports: Capitol police arrested an intern for Kansas Rep. Lynn Jenkins, a top member of the Republican conference, on Monday morning for allegedly bringing an unloaded handgun into the Longworth House Office Building. Police said they found the weapon, an... Read More
State Sen. Eric Brakey (R)

Maine House doubles down on constitutional carry

Chris Eger for reports: Following the lead of the state Senate, the Maine House approved a bill Monday to allow the concealed carry of handguns without a permit in a quick 83-62 vote that included over a dozen Democrats. The legislation, advocating what is termed... Read More

Florida Today: Cab driver shoots and kills would-be robber in Sebastian

Florida Today reports: Sebastian Police are investigating an incident in which a would-be robber was shot and killed by a cab driver that two males were attempting to rob early Saturday morning. According to the department, two males, ages 34 and 36, hailed a cab.... Read More
Surgeon General Vivek Murthy

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy intends to push gun control as a health issue

Brian Anderson for Downtrend reported in April: The reason Vivek Murthy’s confirmation as Surgeon General stalled for so long is because he’s an anti-gun fanatic and many Republicans worried that he would use the position to promote gun violence as a health issue and enact... Read More
Vince Vaughn

British GQ: Vince Vaughn on the American right to own a gun

GQ Magazine interviewed True Detective star Vince Vaughn and he had this to say on the rights of Americans to carry firearms: I support people having a gun in public full stop, not just in your home. We don’t have the right to bear arms because... Read More

N.J. Assembly panel to consider bills restricting access to guns

The Associated Press released a short statement regarding a bill in New Jersey which would increase gun regulations on domestic violence offenders. AP reports: An Assembly panel is set to consider legislation aimed at strengthening gun prohibitions for domestic violence offenders as well as barring convicted... Read More
conceal carry weapon

Open carry exposes Americans’ rights and ignorance

Greg Camp for reports:  It’s obvious to say that open carry means the firearm will be visible to others, but think through that.  The firearm will be visible to others.  Now the good guys in western movies carried their revolvers and rifles openly, except... Read More
Cody Wilson

3-D printed gun suit tests 1st, 2nd, 5th amendments

Dave Workman writing for the GunMag reports: The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) and Defense Distributed of Texas have joined in a federal lawsuit against the State Department that could have far-reaching implications on several constitutional grounds, alleging prior restraint by the government over online publication... Read More
Gun Appreciation Day

The Examiner: New analysis tells same old story: More Dems favor gun control

Dave Workman for The Examiner reports: A new analysis of 2013 polling data on gun control that appeared yesterday on a blog from the London School of Economics and Political Science shows a majority of Democrats favor stricter gun laws, while coincidentally this morning’s Rasmussen Reports... Read More

Texas open carry bill escapes promised filibuster, heads to Governor

Chris Eger for reports: Texas is about to become the 45th – and most populous – state in the nation to allow some form of handgun open carry after the legislature shot off a proposal Friday to the ready pen of Gov. Greg Abbott.... Read More