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Gun Appreciation Day

Judge temporarily bans gun rights advocate from carrying handgun in Missouri zoo

Joel Currier for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports: Jeffry Smith has announced plans to go to the St. Louis Zoo Saturday afternoon, armed with a handgun, to challenge the legality of the zoo’s ban on firearms. He has invited others to join him. But the... Read More

Texas Governor scheduled to sign pro-gun legislation

Tom Benning for The Dallas Morning News reports: Gov. Greg Abbott is scheduled on Saturday to sign “legislation to expand Second Amendment rights,” with the headliners expected to be proposals to allow open carry and campus carry. …There’s been little drama over whether Abbott would... Read More
Concealed Carry

Congress considers legislation to encourage handgun permit laws

Susan Haigh from the Associated Press reports: Members of Connecticut’s congressional delegation announced Thursday they have introduced new federal legislation to encourage other states to develop handgun permitting programs similar to the system currently operating in Connecticut. The proposed “Handgun Purchaser Licensing Act” would authorize... Read More

Lyle Denniston: Are gun rights withering away?

So argues Lyle Denniston, the National Constitution Center’s constitutional literacy adviser: THE STATEMENT AT ISSUE “The dire warnings that the U.S. Supreme Court’s recognition of an individual right to bear arms would lead to a wholesale voiding of gun-control law seem to have been overblown.... Read More

CGF: The Silvester v. Harris Appeal – Part IV: The Amici in Support of Silvester, et al.

Calguns Foundation reports again on the Silvester v. Harris case: Here, we discuss the pro-Second Amendment amici in support of Jeff Silvester and the other Plaintiffs/Respondents. Two notable and informative amici briefs were filed in support of upholding the District Court’s ruling: A brief on... Read More

Woman open fires on burglars in her Detroit home, intruders flee

Holly Fournier and George Hunter for The Detroit News report: Five men who broke into Dietta Gueye’s east side home early Tuesday morning got more than they bargained for when the 34-year-old woman opened fire at them with the 9 mm Glock she keeps by... Read More

Trapshooting growing in popularity in Minnesota schools

Jennifer Cruz for reports: The fastest growing sport among high schoolers in Minnesota isn’t necessarily a conventional sport and certainly doesn’t have the conventional rules of most high school sports, which quite possibly may be part of its appeal. In 2008, there were only... Read More Gun lock laws proposed in New York, Delaware

Chris Eger for reports: With a Supreme Court challenge to mandatory gun lock laws rejected, cities and states are moving toward implementing similar requirements to lock or disable firearms not in use. Proposed this week is a bill in the Delaware House of Representatives... Read More

Armed robber stopped after store clerk open fires

Jennifer Cruz for reports: Attempted robberies just days apart at two different smoke shops in Houston left the clerks at both businesses firing back at the suspects, resulting in the death of one…. “They pulled in. They made a U-turn and they parked right... Read More

Gun rights advocate poised to challenge St. Louis zoo’s weapons policy

Paul Schankman for Fox KTVI reports: A gun rights advocate from Ohio is threatening to lead an armed walk through the St. Louis Zoo to challenge its ‘no weapons’ policy. The zoo has long had signs posted at several entrances letting people know to leave... Read More