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Colt Baby Dragoon formerly owned by James Brady will be auctioned to benefit SAF

The Shooting Wire reports: James “The Bear” Brady was born in Centralia, Illinois on August 29, 1940….In 1981, Brady’s lifelong dream was achieved when President Ronald Reagan appointed him Assistant to the President and White House Press Secretary. That same year on March 30th, a... Read More Obama Wonders If Dylann Roof, Who Passed a Background Check, Could Have Been Stopped by a Background Check

Jacob Sullum for reports: “If Congress had passed some common-sense gun safety reforms after Newtown,” President Obama said during a visit to San Francisco on Friday, “we don’t know if it would have prevented what happened in Charleston.” Actually, we do know: Had the... Read More

Carly Fiorina say Obama Post-Charleston Gun Control Demands ‘Inappropriate’ and ‘Ironic’

Fred Lucas for The Blaze reports: Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said that South Carolina has some of the strictest gun control laws in the United States and faulted President Barack Obama with trying to politicize the Charleston church shooting that left nine African-Americans dead.... Read More

Clinton calls for Congress to pass ‘common sense’ gun control legislation

Lisa Lerer for the Associated Press reports: Issuing an emotional plea following the South Carolina church shooting, Hillary Rodham Clinton called for “common-sense” gun reforms and a national reckoning with the persistent problem of “institutional racism.” Three days after nine black church members were gunned... Read More

Uber changes policy to ban guns

Lynn La for reports: Uber, the ride-hailing company based in San Francisco, has reworked its legal policies to include a ban on firearm possession by its drivers and passengers. “We seek to ensure that everyone using the Uber digital platform…feels safe and comfortable,” the new... Read More

Rolling Stone writer blames Republicans for “weaponizing” supporters

Leave it to liberal commentators to not only politicize the Charleston shootings, but use it to attack conservatives and gun owners specifically. Jeb Lund, writing for Rolling Stone magazine openly blamed Republicans for having “weaponized” their supporters – leading to incidents like Dylann Roof’s massacre in... Read More

WP: Ted Cruz says democrats using Charleston as ‘excuse’ to take away gun rights

Katie Zezima for the Washington Post reports: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) said Friday that Democrats are using the shooting deaths of nine people in a Charleston, S.C., African American church as an “excuse” to try to roll back gun rights. “It’s sad to see the Democrats... Read More

Sacramento Bee: Obama urges mayors to back gun control

Marissa Lang for the Sacramento Bee reports: President Barack Obama implored hundreds of U.S. mayors on Friday to refuse to accept gun violence and mass shootings as “the new normal” and combat killings with stricter gun control laws. In his second call for tighter gun... Read More

Australian stand-up comic mocks America’s Second Amendment

Ana Swanson for the Washington Post shared a link to a video of an Australian stand-up comedian and his comments regarding the Second Amendment. She writes: Australian comedian Jim Jefferies says in a hilarious stand-up routine, the real reason gun owners want guns is just because... Read More

SC Representative says now is not the time for gun debate

Kimberly Atkins from the Boston Herald reports: As President Obama renewed the call for gun control after this week’s deadly South Carolina church massacre, South Carolina lawmakers from both parties pushed back, saying it is not the time for that debate. “We don’t have all... Read More