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Fox News: DC gun carry applications more than triple in wake of federal court ruling

Stephen Gutowski for The Washington Free Beacon reports: The number of applications for gun carry permits in Washington, D.C., more than tripled in the aftermath of a federal court ruling declaring part of the city’s law unconstitutional. Between January 1 and May 18, the city... Read More

AP: Robber killed in shootout with ex-anchor’s husband at motel

The Associated Press reports: A cross-country road trip got derailed for a former CNN anchor and her husband after a would-be robber forced his way into their motel room and a shootout ensued. Lynne Russell told reporters Wednesday that her husband, Chuck de Caro, decided... Read More
Glock17 CCRKBA Applauds Washington Post Exposure of Anti-Gun Falsehoods

The Shooting Wire reports: The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is applauding Monday’s exposure by the Washington Post of questionable data about school shootings used by the gun prohibition lobby to stoke public emotion against Second Amendment rights. The newspaper’s... Read More

Man arrested for carrying loaded assault rifle around Daytona Beach

David Harris for the Orlando Sentinel reports: A 27-year-old man arrested Sunday for carrying around an assault rifle in Daytona Beach’s tourist district said he was allowed to carry the weapon because he had just got done fishing. Christopher Ray cited the fishing and hunting... Read More

New Louisiana law allows hunters to carry different calibers of firearm during archery season

Daniel Xu for Outdoor Hub reports: On Monday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed SB 212, a bill that removed the restrictions preventing hunters from carrying larger-caliber firearms during archery season. Previously, bowhunters were allowed to carry certain firearms for protection, but were restricted to certain calibers,... Read More
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Op-Ed: Why I love the freedom to bear arms

Jeffrey Denning for explains some of the reasons that he loves the Second Amendment: The right to bear arms is a blessing not given to many people in other countries. I knew a Russian immigrant many years ago who purchased a gun once he... Read More

Newark mayor calls for stricter national gun laws

Dan Ivers for reports: Mayor Ras Baraka has joined a chorus of politicians calling for stronger federal gun policies in the wake of the mass shooting at a Charleston, S.C. church that killed 9 people…. “The problem is that there’s no national policy that... Read More
Firearms Gun shop settles over alleged straw purchase murder-suicide

Jared Morgan for reports: A Kansas gun shop agreed to pay $132,000 to the wife of a man who fatally shot their 8-year-old son and himself with a gun legally purchased there. Elizabeth Shirley sued Baxter Springs Gun and Pawn Shop in 2005 after... Read More

WaPo: Has there been one school shooting per week since Sandy Hook?

In response to claims of extensive school shootings, Michelle Ye Hee Lee reports: …Since the shooting at Sandy Hook, there has been one school shooting on average per week. Is that really the case — that there have been somewhere around 128 school shootings since December... Read More Gun rights group calls for mental health funding, not gun control

Jared Morgan for reports: A gun rights group called for more mental health funding and research and less gun control after lawmakers made mention about resurrecting a failed national background check expansion. In a letter to supporters, Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens for... Read More