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Restaurant in Texas hands out free brisket sandwiches to CHL holders

James England for reports: Those with concealed handgun licenses were in for a treat this past fourth of July when Brooks’ Place offered up a mouth-watering brisket sandwich to everyone with a CHL permit. The main proprietor did it both in celebration of the... Read More Oregon recall effort suspended as House leader steps down

Chris Eger for reports: A move to recall Democratic House Majority Leader Val Hoyle over issues to include passage of gun control legislation, halted this week as the lawmaker announced she was stepping down. The recall petition against Hoyle was filed in April by... Read More
State Sen. Eric Brakey (R)

WT: Maine to allow carrying of concealed guns without a permit

Alanna Durkin for the Associated Press reports: Republican Gov. Paul LePage signed a bill on Wednesday that will make Maine one of a handful of states where residents are free to carry a hidden firearm without a permit. The bill’s success is a huge victory... Read More

CCRKBA: Data shows Obama still best gun salesman in the U.S.

The Citizen Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms reports: Last month set a new record for the number of background checks ever conducted during the month of June in the 17-year history of the National Instant Check System, prompting the Citizens Committee... Read More Suspect dead after attempting to rob machine gun dealer

Jennifer Cruz for reports: A burglary suspect died after he was shot while breaking into a Houston gun shop early Tuesday morning. Class 3 Weapons, which as the name implies is federally licensed to sell Class III firearms like machine guns, has recently been... Read More

WT: Nancy Pelosi goes after guns in wake of Charleston shootings

Tom Howell Jr. for The Washington Times reports: House Democrats reignited an uphill battle for tighter gun control Wednesday, exactly three weeks after nine black members of a historic Charleston church were killed in a mass shooting fueled by racial hatred. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi... Read More

June sees 11% spike in gun sales from previous year

Aaron Smith for CNN Money reports: It’s a hot summer for the gun industry. Background checks for gun sales spiked 11% in June compared to last year, making it the busiest June ever, according to the FBI’s background check data. Last month the FBI conducted nearly... Read More

Charleston activists pressure Congress for gun control legislation

Jared Morgan for reports: Gun control advocates from South Carolina rallied on Capitol Hill Wednesday morning and called on lawmakers to pass background checks they say could have prevented the deadly mass shooting at a Charleston church last month. Members of the Charleston chapter... Read More

Seattle Times: Seattle City Council president proposing tax on gun sales

Daniel Beekman for the Seattle Times reports: Seattle would tax gun and ammunition sales and require owners to tell police about lost and stolen firearms under a pair of bills coming before the City Council. City Council President Tim Burgess is proposing the legislation, saying... Read More

Texas fast-food chain urges customers to refrain from open-carry in restaurant

Michele Richinick for Newsweek reports: Whataburger, a fast-food chain based in Texas, still wants its customers to refrain from openly carrying guns, following the governor’s approval of a new firearms law that had been banned for more than 140 years. For the past two decades, law in the Lone Star State permitted... Read More