Category: FPC Newslinks Man fires on intruders who aim gun at 12-year-old brother

Jennifer Cruz for reports: A violent home invasion in Las Vegas turned into a shootout after a 23-year-old man opened fire on two intruders who had pointed a gun at his 12-year-old brother and attacked his mother. Just after 9 a.m., the female suspect,... Read More

The Hill: Dems targeting mentally ill gun owners

Tim Devaney for The Hill reports: Democrats are renewing efforts to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill after a string of recent mass shootings. The Safer Communities Act, introduced Thursday by Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), would temporarily prohibit people who have been... Read More

FBI error failed to stop Charleston killer from acquiring a firearm, despite background check

Michael S. Schmidt for The New York Times reports: The man accused of killing nine people in a historically black church in South Carolina last month should not have been able to buy the gun he used in the attack, the F.B.I. said Friday, in... Read More

Free Beacon: Gun Rights Groups Criticize Ban on Gun Carry on DC Metro in Wake of Murder

Stephen Gutowski for the Washington Free Beacon reports: Gun rights groups are criticizing part of the Washington, D.C., gun carry law that bans firearms on public transit within the city after a man was stabbed to death on a Metro train on Saturday. The National... Read More

Bernie Sanders defends voting history for gun laws

Cameron Joseph for New York Daily News reports: Bernie Sanders defended his past opposition to some gun control measures in a testy exchange Thursday night. ….Sanders was confronted at an appearance by Honora Laszlo, the local chairwoman of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in... Read More

Business owner defends shop, fires on robbers

Jennifer Cruz for reports: An attempted robbery at a San Antonio automotive shop Tuesday afternoon was thwarted when the owner of the business opened fire on the suspects, killing one and possibly wounding the second. The two suspects drove to Vail’s Industrial Park around... Read More

Hillary pushes gun control message on campaign trail

Melanie Batley for Newsmax reports: In the wake of the recent mass shootings throughout the country, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton has taken the unusual step of elevating the discussion about gun control to the center of her campaign. …”I’m going to speak out against... Read More Idaho town seeks to make clear it’s not a gun-free zone

Chris Eger for reports: Town leaders in a small western Idaho city intend to post donated street signs to let visitors know where they stand on gun control. Greenleaf, population 846, doesn’t maintain a police force of its own but did in 2006 pass... Read More

Donald Trump says he will end ‘gun-free zones’ at military bases, if elected President

AWR Hawkins for Breitbart reports: Donald Trump says that if elected president, he will abolish the gun free zones currently imposed on U.S. troops by “[mandating] that soldiers remain armed and on alert at our military bases.” In an interview with Ammoland he said: “President Clinton... Read More

Breitbart: London Times launches coded attack on US gun laws

Oliver Lane for Breitbart reports: The Times newspaper has waded into the US Second Amendment debate, blaming gun crime in Britain on the sale of blank-firing pistols sourced from across the Atlantic. Gun crime spiked immediately after the total ban of handguns in the United Kingdom in... Read More