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Open Carry Supporter Florida Open Carry Bill Filed in Senate for Coming Session

More great news coming out of Florida. Via A Republican lawmaker has filed a bill that would make Florida the 46th state to adopt lawful open carry of handguns while dropping a number of mandated gun free zones. The measure, filed late Friday by... Read More

Las Vegas Sun: High-Capacity Magazine Ban a Must for Nevadans’ Safety

Propaganda from the Las Vegas Sun and Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo supporting magazine bans… Via Las Vegas Sun: Don’t believe us? Fine, then listen to Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo. “I’m a very avid hunter, I was in the military myself, and there’s no... Read More

Breitbart: Gavin Newson: Trump’s Win A ‘Leap Backward’ for States with Stringent Gun Control

According to Newsom, the ability to defend one’s life would put everyone else at risk. Via Breitbart: California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom described the election of Donald Trump as a “leap backward” for states with stringent gun control laws. Newsom based his December 8 claim... Read More

Washington Post: ‘Miss Sloane’ Shows What Happens When Hollywood Abandons Political Common Sense

When it comes to gun rights, Hollywood seems to jump the shark over and over again… Via Washington Post: Consider “Miss Sloane,” expanding to 1,600 theaters this weekend. Jessica Chastain, turning in an impressively intense, awards-caliber performance, stars as a hard-driving lobbyist — a best-in-the-biz... Read More Florida Concealed Carry Permits Now Can Be Renewed Online

Good news for Florida permit holders. Via Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, whose office regulates the Sunshine State’s more than 1.6 million permit holders, announced Wednesday that renewals could be processed online. “My goal is to make applying for or renewing a Florida concealed weapon license... Read More

Washington Examiner: Obama is ‘Most Frustrated’ He Couldn’t Pass Gun Control

Even if he didn’t accomplish all that he wanted to, he sure did a good amount of damage to the Second Amendment. Via Washington Examiner: President Obama said his biggest policy disappointment as president was not passing gun control laws, according to an interview CNN... Read More
Signs to the Office of Firearm Registration

Loudoun Times-Mirror: State Sen. Favola Pushing for Firearm Registry in Virginia

“The last thing that we need is a broad government program designed to track those who are merely exercising their Second Amendment rights,” State Sen. Jill Vogel said. Via Loudoun Times-Mirror: State Sen. Barbara Favola (D-31st) wants to create a firearm registry in Virginia, and... Read More

Fredericksburg Patch: Gun Give Back Event Turned Into ‘Cheap Gun Buy Opportunity’ in Fredericksburg, VA

Gun buyers are predictably honing in on a gun “buy back” event in Virginia. Via Fredericksburg Patch: A gun rights organization is attempting to turn Saturday’s 3rd Annual Gun Give Back Event sponsored by Fredericksburg Police into something else altogether. Consider this headline on a... Read More

Newark Advocate: Concealed Gun Expansion Gets Lawmakers’ OK

“I wish this bill wasn’t necessary,” Coley said. “But there are bad people out there, and statistically bad people keep shooting … until they run out of ammunition or some good guy stops them.” Via Newark Advocate: Ohioans could bring concealed guns into more places, including... Read More

Arizona Daily Sun: Brnovich Sues Tucson Over Firearms Destruction

At issue is a 2005 ordinance that says that the police department, after it seizes a hand gun, “shall dispose of such firearm by destroying the firearm.” Via Arizona Daily Sun: Claiming Tucson is violating Arizona law by requiring destruction of seized handguns, Attorney General Mark... Read More