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U.S. Attorney General: Grand jury charges Dylann Roof with “hate crimes”

U.S. Attorney General Lynch announced yesterday: We are here today to announce that a federal grand jury in South Carolina has returned a 33-count indictment against Dylann Storm Roof, charging him with federal hate crimes and firearms charges for killing and attempting to kill African-American... Read More

Gun-control advocates target domestic violence

Heidi Przybyla for the Portland Press Herald reports: Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Michigan Rep. Debbie Dingell are pressing legislation to take guns out of the hands of men who abuse women. On Wednesday, Dingell introduced a bill along with a Republican, Robert Dold of... Read More
Police officers enter the Armed Forces Career Center ‘SEMPER FI’ bill will allow military recruiters to carry on station

Jared Morgan for reports: A new bill introduced by Republican lawmakers this week will allow military personnel to carry weapons at recruitment centers across the country. In the wake of the fatal shooting of five Marines and sailors at a recruiting station in Chattanooga,... Read More

Opinion: Obama’s Social Security gun grab is an overreach

Pittsburgh’s Tribune-Review reports: There’s a big difference between being unable to handle one’s finances — a common plight for senior citizens — and posing genuine danger to oneself or others. Congress must ensure that the Obama administration makes that distinction as it seeks to restrict... Read More

Ammoland: Massachusetts Gun Owners’ Action League Sets Sights On Gun Free Zones reports: The Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts (GOAL) announced that today it filed new legislation, “An Act Relative to ‘Gun Free’ Zones”, to address the dangers of gun free zones and increase the ability for citizens to defend themselves. This important legislation was... Read More

Anti-gun groups organize forum on “gun violence” at South Carolina high school

Dave Munday for the Post and Courier reports: A forum on stopping gun violence is set for Sunday at Summerville High School. “A Teachable Moment: Keeping Families Safe in the Aftermath of the Emanuel 9” is from 4 to 7 p.m. at Summerville High School.... Read More

Georgia sheriff calls for change in department policy to provide every officer with a concealed carry weapon

ABC News Channel 9 reports: DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris has announced he wants to change gun policy at the department, to allow for all deputies to carry a concealed weapon wherever they go. Sheriff Harris released this statement, which NewsChannel 9 has not edited….... Read More
Gov. Chris Christie

Gov. Chris Christie says U.S. doesn’t need to pass more gun laws

Matt Arco for reports: In his first trip to conservative South Carolina since announcing his presidential campaign, Gov. Chris Christie drew a hard line on firearms and declared the United States doesn’t need “more gun laws on the books.” The Republican governor — speaking in Hilton... Read More

House Republicans move to prevent Adminstration’s attack on gun rights of Social Security recipients

Chris Eger for reports: Republicans in the House launched a two-pronged attack this week to derail a reported White House plan to scrap the gun rights of up to 4.2 million on Social Security. A plan detailed last week could see those who receive... Read More

Georgia veteran defends gas station clerk, fires on armed robber

Wright Gazaway for WALB News reports: An Army veteran speaks, out after firing three shots at an armed robber in Sycamore. The store clerk says Don Rogers may have saved his life. Investigators left the gas station Friday afternoon, with glass was shattered earlier from  Rogers’... Read More