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Rep. Thomas Massie: Liberty is a well-armed lamb

In the words of George Mason, the Founding Father known as the “Father of the Bill of Rights”: “To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” Benjamin Franklin said: “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what... Read More

Fox News: Obama meeting with AG on gun control actions, faces GOP backlash

The president lit a fire under the gun control debate last week when he and his aides announced White House plans to kick off the new year with executive action on gun rules. Obama plans to meet Monday afternoon with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI... Read More

WND: Obama’s gun control looms as New Year dawns; Rand Paul vows to ‘fight tooth and nail’ for 2nd Amendment

The New Year dawns – and with it, President Obama’s promised executive action on guns. But at least one congressional member on Capitol Hill has taken swift action to stop the tide of executive overreach. Sen. Rand Paul has introduced legislation to keep the White... Read More

SCPR: Police in California can seize guns without prior notice starting Jan. 1

Family members who believe a loved one poses a danger to themselves or others will be able to ask police to seek a temporary “gun violence” restraining order from a judge beginning Jan. 1. The order would allow police to seize the person’s guns for... Read More

BREAKING: N.B.A., Players to Support Anti-Freedom ‘Everytown’ Gun Control Group

In a move with little precedent in professional sports, the N.B.A. is putting the weight of its multibillion-dollar brand and the prestige of its star athletes behind a series of television commercials calling for an end to gun violence. The first ads, timed to reach... Read More

The Trace: How the ‘Bullet Button’ Inventor Lets California’s Assault Weapons Owners Blast Away Without Breaking the Law

The California State Legislature is coming back in less than two weeks. It is safe to bet that bullet buttons will be under attack again. Not long after police killed the husband-and-wife assailants responsible for the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, details began trickling out... Read More

Redwood Times: State gun sales break records

Amid a new round of debate over gun control, Californians have already bought a record number of firearms in 2015, including major spikes in sales on Black Friday and the days after the San Bernardino attacks, an analysis of new federal and state data show.... Read More

LA Times: L.A. County considers requiring gun owners to buy insurance

In the wake of the terrorist attacks that killed 14 people in San Bernardino, Los Angeles County officials are considering toughening local gun regulations, including a possible requirement for gun owners to buy insurance. The supervisors voted Tuesday to ask county lawyers, public safety and mental... Read More

SacBee: California’s tough gun laws scrutinized after San Bernardino shootings

California lawmakers have acted repeatedly to give the state what are considered the nation’s strictest gun laws. So, how was it that guns obtained here legally came to be used in the worst terror attack on domestic soil since Sept. 11? In the days following... Read More

LA Times: California lawmakers revive gun control ideas after San Bernardino attack

The mass shooting in San Bernardino has state lawmakers looking again at new gun control legislation for California, while leading advocates for restrictions called Friday for the state to close a loophole that allows detachable ammunition magazines like one used by the killers. Senate President... Read More