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BREAKING: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Dead at 79

United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia–an advocate of constitutional “originalism” and the author of the Court’s landmark Second Amendment decision Heller v. District of Columbia–has died at age 79. Reports the San Antonio Express-News: Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead of apparent natural... Read More

Fox 4: Worker who pulled concealed gun to help save woman’s life quickly gets job back

Police and a city’s mayor say a man who pointed a gun at a woman, stopping her from stabbing another woman, should be commended for his heroic and likely life-saving actions. However, Didarul Sarder told FOX 2 in Detroit that he was initially escorted off... Read More California bill in play to regulate unfinished lowers as firearms

Citing a recent terror attack in the state, an Assembly Democrat is seeking to change how California classifies unfinished firearm frames or receivers. The proposal, introduced last month, could affect so-called “80-percent lowers,” receiver blanks and other gun components. Backers feel the move is needed... Read More

Townhall: Shocker: California’s Gun Confiscation Program Is Terribly Flawed

California’s new gun confiscation program is a total disaster. The new law, which went into effect In January, aims to keep firearms out of the hands of potentially dangerous people, like domestic abusers and those afflicted with mental illness. No one wants wife beaters (and... Read More Republicans smoke House vote on CDC funds for gun research

A party line vote by GOP lawmakers blocked a fourth effort Thursday to bring a bill favored by gun control groups to fund federal research by the Centers for Disease Control to the floor. The measure, introduced in November, has 74 sponsors – all Democrats... Read More
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Libertarian Republic: Panera Bread Asks Gun Owners Not To Bring Guns Inside Their Restaurants

Panera Bread wants its customers to know something: your guns are unwelcome in our stores. CEO Ron Shaich recently announced the company’s decision to prohibit guns being brought into any of its 1,800 outlets across the country after weeks of consultation with anti-gun activist group Moms Demand... Read More

Baltimore Sun: Guns would be banned from Maryland college campuses under legislative leaders’ bill

Democrats in the Maryland legislature are pushing three new gun bills that would prohibit people from carrying firearms on the campuses of the state’s public colleges, require domestic abusers to surrender their guns and bar terrorists from purchasing them. General Assembly leaders said Wednesday they... Read More

The Daily Signal: Mass Shooters Prefer Gun-Free Zones

An analysis of mass shootings in the United States since the year 2002 shows that gun-wielding mass killers are more likely to strike where the Second Amendment right to bear arms has been supplanted by “gun-free zone” ordinances, be they federal, local, or specified by the... Read More Police: Gun owner saved cop from attack by kids

Police are crediting a vigilant gun owner with saving the life of an Upper Darby cop Friday after he saw the officer being attacked and surrounded by a large group of teens. “There were 40 kids. If it wasn’t for the good Samaritan stepping forward,... Read More

Townhall: Report: Criminologists, Economists Find Benefits to Gun Ownership

So where do academics stand on the relationship between gun ownership and crime? A newly released survey of experts from the Crime Prevention Research center found that researchers supported what Second Amendment advocates have argued all along regarding concealed handgun laws, gun-free zones, self-defense and crime,... Read More