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Oregon Live: Oregon House delays vote on gun background check bill amid soft support

Legislation that would limit but still allow default gun sales when background checks take longer than expected was held over in the Oregon House on Friday amid concerns the proposal would fail. House Bill 4147 — the only significant gun-related measure left alive this session — will instead return... Read More

Washington Post: ‘Did your French gun control stop a single [expletive] person from dying at the Bataclan?’

On Tuesday night, the Eagles of Death Metal finished the concert they began in Paris on Nov. 13, when terrorists interrupted their performance at the Bataclan theater in a brutal attack that killed 90 concert-goers. In total, 130 people died across the city, and many more were... Read More

TC Palm: Senate chairman blocks another gun bill, making three bills expanding rights that likely will die

For the third time this year, a Senate committee chairman said he will block a bill that would expand places where concealed weapon permit holders can carry handguns in Florida. Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, R-Miami, said Tuesday he will not... Read More
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ABC: University of Texas Head Begrudgingly OKs Campus Gun Rules

Concealed handguns will be allowed in University of Texas classrooms but generally banned from dorms under rules begrudgingly approved Wednesday by the school’s president, whose hand was forced by a new state law. Like many who study or work at the school in liberal Austin,... Read More

Breitbart: Australian Cops Confiscate Crocodiles’ T-Shirt Launcher, Cite Gun-Control Rules

The police in Queensland, Australia, confiscated an air-powered T-shirt launcher from the Townsville Crocodiles, an Australian pro-basketball team, by claiming the popular device is a “category B weapon” that must be registered with the government. The Crocodiles general manager, Rob Honan, said the Queensland Police... Read More

Washington Times: Georgia House committee backs ‘campus carry’ gun bill

A Georgia House committee has approved a bill allowing guns on state college campuses with little notice. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the House Public Safety and Homeland Security committee approved the “campus carry” bill Tuesday. The state’s university system has long opposed changes to... Read More

First Coast News: Airport gun bill launched in Florida Senate

A proposal that would allow people to bring guns into airport terminals, but not through federal security screening, has taken off in the Senate amid turbulence from aviation officials. The measure (SB 1500), narrowly approved along party lines in the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, would... Read More

Breitbart: Jackie Mason: If Michael Bloomberg Is Serious About Gun Control, He Should Disarm His 12 Bodyguards

Comic Jackie Mason says that if Michael Bloomberg is serious about gun control, he should disarm the 12 bodyguards who hedge in his every move. Otherwise, Bloomberg is just a hypocrite benefiting from the safety of a wall of guns, while calling for Americans to... Read More

Breitbart: Eagles of Death Metal Lead Singer: After Paris I Don’t Go Anywhere Without a Gun

In an interview published February 14, Eagles of Death Metal lead singer Jesse Hughes said the November 13 Paris terror attacks have him carrying a gun everywhere he goes in the U.S. During the attacks, terrorists killed a total of 130 innocents — the great... Read More
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Delaware Online: Gun purchases surge in Delaware

Delaware gun purchases surged in December and January – an increase fueled by nontraditional gun owners seeking protection, firearm sellers and advocates say. A total of 12,556 federal background checks were conducted for people buying guns in Delaware during the previous two months, according to... Read More