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LA Times: Tempers Flare As Lawmakers Move Forward With A Dozen Gun-Control Bills In Wake Of Orlando Shooting

With emotions still raw over the massacre in Orlando, Fla., tempers flared Tuesday as divided California state lawmakers advanced a dozen gun-control bills, including proposals to outlaw the sale of semiautomatic rifles with easily detachable magazines. “Less than 72 hours ago, 49 people were slain... Read More

Sac Bee: Ex-California Senator Ron Calderon To Plead Guilty To Mail Fraud

Former state Sen. Ron Calderon has agreed to plead guilty to one count of mail fraud in the wide-ranging corruption case brought by federal prosecutors. In exchange, the U.S. attorney will seek no more than a five-year, 10-month prison sentence for the 58-year-old Montebello Democrat,... Read More

Ricochet: CA Democrat Pushes for Secret Gun Confiscations

A California legislator has done the seemingly impossible and united mental health professionals, gun rights organizations, and the ACLU against a proposed law. This legislation would open the door for people to be stripped of their Second Amendment rights without due process and based simply... Read More

Ricochet: California Shouldn’t Create More Headaches for CCW Holders

Never underestimate the talent politicians have for taking something minor and making it into a massive new (and usually expensive) problem. Take, for example, Republican California Assemblyman Eric Linder’s latest effort to create new headaches for Golden State gun owners. Linder claims that his Assembly... Read More

Fox News: Obama Just Got One Giant Step Closer Towards Creating A National Gun Registry

  President Obama is taking a big step towards creating a national gun registry. Hawaii looks like it is about to provide the federal government with the list of all the gun owners in the state. Supposedly, keeping a list of gun owners’ names will... Read More

LA Times: Bullets are flying in gun battle between Democrats

A Wild West gunfight is bloodying the state Capitol — a sort of fast-draw face-off between leading Democrats. They’ve all agreed that California needs even stricter gun controls. Too many current restrictions have been shot full of loopholes. What they’re fighting over is who should... Read More

SF Gate: State Senate passes ambitious gun-control measures

The state Senate passed nearly a dozen gun-control bills Thursday, saying the package of legislation is the most ambitious action ever taken to protect communities from gun violence. Crafted in response to the mass shooting in San Bernardino in December, the 11 bills add to... Read More

ABC News: California Senate Approves Sweeping Gun-Control Measures

Democrats in the California Senate made another attempt Thursday to outlaw the sale of assault weapons with easily detachable magazines as part of a wide-ranging slate of gun control bills they approved. Lawmakers also voted to require that people turn in magazines capable of holding... Read More

Kevin De León Vows to Destroy Gun Rights

California Senate President Kevin de Leόn (D-Los Angeles, 22nd Senate District) has come out vowing to destroy gun rights with 10 anti-gun bills that will be up for a vote in the State Senate tomorrow. Anti-gun politicians in the State Senate will be pushing hard to... Read More

Reuters: California Democrats Dueling Over Gunpocalypse

Two of the most powerful politicians in California are advancing the same basic gun control agenda – yet they are at loggerheads in a political duel that could preview an ugly race to replace the state’s popular Democratic governor, Jerry Brown. The spat among ambitious... Read More