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The Intelligencer: West Liberty University Plans Gun Ban On Campus

A university in West Virginia is proposing to ban firearms on their campus. This proposed ban is counter-intuitive to a law passed by the state that allows anyone 21 years old or older to conceal carry a handgun without a permit. Via The Intelligencer: Anyone heading... Read More

AP: Lawsuit Argues Law Banning Stun Gun Ownership Violates 2nd Amendment

A New Jersey man is suing the state over the right to purchase a stun gun to protect his family on Second Amendment grounds. Via the Associated Press: A New Jersey man who wants a nonlethal way to defend himself and his family is suing... Read More 19 Mayors Back Mass. AGs ‘Assault Weapon’ Law Expansion

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey’s gun ban by edict last month was met by outrage from gun owners and gun rights groups across the nation. Healey rolled out her support this week, which consisted almost completely of mayors who are members of Mayors Against Illegal... Read More

Breitbart: Joe Manchin: Second Amendment Needs More Regulation

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) attacked constitutional carry at a recent town hall, claiming that civil rights should be even more regulated. Manchin is best known for his help authoring a bill mandating background checks for all gun purchases, which failed with much fanfare in 2013.... Read More

AP: Nevada governor opposing gun buyer background check measure

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval came out firmly on the side of Nevada gun owners by opposing Nevada’s Question 1, which would mandate background checks. The anti-gun effort is being financed from out of the state by New York City billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Via AP: Nevada... Read More Texas attorney general says professors face discipline if they ban guns

Texas’s new CCWs law allowing concealed carry in college buildings found itself its latest ally in Attorney General Ken Paxton. Paxton filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit from three professors seeking to block campus carry and alerted other anti-gun educators that they may face... Read More

Time: Gold Medal Shooter Takes Aim at Gun Control Supporters

Olympic shooter Kim Rhode used her large platform at this year’s games to advocate for all elements of the Second Amendment. Not only did Rhode mention the right to defend your family, but also the right to defend oneself from an overreaching government. Via Time: Kim... Read More

NBC News: Is Hollywood Feeling the Heat for Its Gun Culture?

The growing chorus of anti-gun rhetoric has begun affecting movie and television marketing campaigns. Via NBC News: A rash of recent mass shootings and violent clashes between police and people of color may have helped to create a climate of squeamishness around gun culture in... Read More

NH1: NH gun clubs and shooting ranges at capacity, forced to turn away new members

New Hampshire gun clubs have experienced a surge of interest and engagement after the various shootings around the world this summer. Some have reached full capacity in their shooting courses. Via NH1: Summer violence in the U.S. and around the world is spurring an increase... Read More

USA Today: Shooting gold medalist Ginny Thrasher laments controversy over gun laws

U.S. Olympic champion shooter Ginny Thrasher unfortunately has endured heightened scrutiny from gun grabbers due to her success. Thrasher spoke up about the shooting culture and how the current anti-gun rhetoric affects her and her sport. Thrasher, 19, set an Olympic record of 208.0 in the... Read More