Category: FPC Newslinks Missoula City Council Approves Background Check Ordinance

The 8-4 vote came after a three-hour meeting and more than a year of public outcry over the proposal, which critics say can’t be reliably enforced within the city and does nothing to prevent criminals from buying guns.... Read More

Fox News: Southern California Police Agencies Missing More than 300 Weapons

Some of the lost weapons include Glocks, Sig Sauers, Remington shotguns, rifles and even grenade launchers. The paper reported that officers have treated their weapons in a reckless manner. High-caliber firearms were stowed in backpacks and gym bags, while handguns were hidden in center consoles.... Read More Nevada Wildlife Commission Bans TrackingPoint, .50 BMG for Hunting

Nevada Department of Wildlife Commissioners voted 7-1 on Saturday to limit the use of “excessively large” caliber rifle cartridges and prohibit the use of laser tracking rifles by sportsmen for taking game in the state.... Read More Smart Gun Bill Introduced in Congress

They will keep trying until it becomes law… Via A California congressman introduced legislation this week to require licensed gun dealers to carry smart guns on their shelves as soon as the National Institute of Justice says it’s time. Rep. Mark DeSaulnier, a Democrat... Read More Palm Springs Adopts Mandatory Gun Theft Reporting and Storage Laws

“It’s mostly to prevent accidental shootings and to prevent lost or stolen guns being used in a crime. Those are things we can do within the restrictions of the Second Amendment and that can make a difference,” said Kors, as reported by KMIR.... Read More

Breitbart: Baltimore City Council Considers Ban on Toy Guns to Keep ‘City Youths’ from Getting Shot

The Baltimore City Councilman is considering a ban on toy guns as a way to prevent “city youths” from being shot by police officers. The ban’s sponsor — Councilman James B. Kraft — introduced the bill and said the way to protect the youths is “to... Read More

Las Vegas Sun: Question 1 a First Step in Eroding Nevada’s Gun Laws

That means that if the state were to adopt Question 1, which would criminalize virtually all private firearms transfers, gun-control supporters would immediately be calling for even more gun-control laws. That is exactly how it has played out in every other state that has adopted... Read More

WSLS: Roanoke City Council Considering Ban on Certain Types of Guns, Plan Drawing Controversy

Inside this week’s city council meeting, Daniel Highberger had a gun on his hip and a high-capacity pistol magazine in his hand. It was part of his response to city leaders efforts to ban open carry on certain guns in public places.... Read More

Breitbart: Minnesota Mall where Mass Stabbing Occurred is a ‘Gun Free Zone’

The mall–Crossroads Center–has a “Code of Conduct” that forbids “firearms or illegal weapons.” There are no reports on whether there were any concealed carry permit holders who were present when the attack occurred but were unable to defend themselves due to mall policy. However, the... Read More

IJR: On Cue, Harry Reid Exploits NYC Bombing to Push Gun Control

Anyone who pays attention in the aftermath of mass shootings knows that Democrats exploit the tragedies to push for additional gun control legislation. Now, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is using the NYC bombing as an excuse. He went even further.... Read More