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LA Times: At L.A.-Area Gun Store, Chinese Immigrants Exercise an Unfamiliar Right to Bear Arms

It is great to see new Americans and soon-to-be Americans enjoy their Second Amendment rights! Via LA Times: Private gun ownership is generally banned in China. So when Chinese immigrants arrive in the U.S., many are curious about owning firearms… …In Los Angeles, Chinese immigrants frequent Gun... Read More

Delaware Online: Court Upholds Gun Ban in Delaware State Parks

“As for plaintiffs’ concerns for self-defense, the Court observes the need to respond to a threat with a firearm is diminished when firearms are prohibited in the area,” Graves said in the ruling. Via Delaware Online: A Delaware Superior Court judge upheld a ban on... Read More

KSDK: Concealed Carry Permit No Longer Required in MO

Constitutional Carry is now the law in Missouri. Via KSDK: The new year means new rules for gun-owners in Missouri. Effective January 1, 2017, most people will not need a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Lawmakers passed the measure last year, before Gov. Nixon... Read More

Sac Bee: California Gun Owners Brace for Shortages, Price Hikes Under New Ammo Regs

“It definitely makes it difficult for a guy or gal up, say, in the Susanville area, or Alturas, or someplace remote like that to get to a big-box store, and then especially if your big-box store is in Reno and you’ve got to cross the... Read More

Washington Times: Nevada’s Universal Gun Background Check Law Deemed Unenforceable, Put on Ice

“When you have folks who don’t know what they are doing and don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to firearms policy, this is the sort of mess that you wind up with,” said Craig DeLuz, a spokesman for the Firearms Policy... Read More

Sac Bee: Why California’s New Gun Laws Deserve Contempt

“But many otherwise law-abiding gun owners simply will not comply with the new rules on ammunition purchases and the ban on high-capacity magazines.” Via Sac Bee: The arrival in 2017 of a raft of new gun control laws in California won’t amount to much, except... Read More

Reno Gazette Journal: Sheriffs Won’t Enforce Nevada Gun Law After Opinion

Even more obstacles for Bloomberg’s Question 1. Via Reno Gazette Journal: The next steps for proponents of expanded gun background checks in Nevada are unclear after a legal opinion that for all intents blocks a voter-approved initiative set to go into effect Sunday. What is... Read More

San Francisco Chronicle: Semi-Auto Sales Surge in Run-Up of New Restrictions

Semi-automatic rifle sales have more than doubled in California as the new impending regulations passed by the Legislature are due to hit January 1st, 2017. The state Department of Justice reports that 365,000 semi-automatic rifles were registered with the state between January 1st and December 9th this... Read More Gun Purchase Process Goes Digital in Maryland

“The new process is part of the sweeping Firearm Safety Act of 2013, which banned 45 so-called “assault weapons,” capped magazine capacities at 10 rounds and beefed up background checks. The law requires new gun buyers to submit a fingerprint and undergo safety training. Maryland... Read More

CBS San Francisco: Gun Sales Skyrocket in California Before Stricter Laws of 2017

Gov. Jerry Brown seems to be aiming for Obama’s “gun salesman of the year” title. Via CBS San Francisco: As the year 2016 comes to a close, gun sales are skyrocketing in California, according recent state data. Stricter gun control kicks in for 2017 and it seems... Read More