Category: FPC Newslinks Pope Francis Appoints Outspoken Anti-Gun Bishops as New U.S. Cardinals

Two of the first U.S. Catholic bishops elevated by Pope Francis to the rank of cardinal have been forthright in their feelings towards increased gun control.... Read More ‘Cocks Not Glocks’ Crew gets Invited to the White House

Organizers of an anti-gun protest at the University of Texas in Austin against a new campus carry law noted for garnering some 4,000 adult toys which they gave away, earning immortality on the Daily Show, have made their way to Pennsylvania Avenue.... Read More

Breitbart: Donald Trump: Americans Should be able to Own ‘Firearm Of Their Choice’

In expressing his opposition to an “assault weapons” ban, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stresses that Americans should be able to own the “firearm of their choice.”... Read More

Washington Examiner: Clinton Vows Supreme Court Judge who Backs Gun Control

"I respect the Second Amendment, but I believe that there should be comprehensive background checks," the Democratic nominee said Sunday, "and we should close the gun show loophole and close the online loophole we have to save as many lives as we possibly can."... Read More

KCEN: Coryell County, Texas Rescinds Gun Ordinance

The Coryell County Commissioners Court met at the County Annex in Gatesville and residents filled the room to voice their concerns, saying the ordinance was too restrictive.... Read More

Boston Globe: Gun Debate Hits Boiling Point at Maine Restaurant

Diners at the Grace restaurant sit under a vaulted ceiling and stained-glass windows in a former Methodist church built in the 1850s. Its cool, spiritual chic comes with a catch: No one who owns an assault rifle — or even supports the right to own... Read More

Maine Gov. LePage: Question 3 Should Be Called the Gun Registry Bill

The name of this proposal is misleading. Universal Background Checks are not “universal” because criminals will never follow this law. Criminals get guns by breaking existing laws. They steal them, buy them on the black market or use straw purchasers. Less than one percent of... Read More

Washington Times: West Virginia, 16 States Reach Gun Reciprocity Expansions

While a new law lets people 21 and older to carry covered-up guns without permits, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey says 16 states will recognize West Virginia’s expanded permits for 18- to 20-year-olds.... Read More
Former Democratic Congresswoman Giffords

Washington Free Beacon: Giffords Anti-Gun Super PAC Outspending the DSCC in New Hampshire

The gun control group founded by former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D., Ariz.) has outspent the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee to aid New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan’s campaign.... Read More

The Collegian: Concealed Carry to be Permitted on Kansas State Campus

Campus carry rights expand to yet another university. Via the Collegian: Currently, there are only five states in the nation where the concealed carry of guns on university campuses is permitted by law. Come July 2017, concealed carry will also be allowed on the Kansas... Read More