Category: FPC Newslinks The Print-at-Home Plastic Handgun Crusade Carries On

“The First and Second Amendments collide as one man fights for America’s right to print out a handgun at home.” Via A few years ago, Cody Wilson began a crowdfunding campaign for $20,000. He wanted to buy a 3D printer and pay somebody to... Read More

Mises: 5 Tricks Gun-Control Advocates Play

Check out the list that the gun grabbers use to come up with their narratives. Via Mises: To keep pressing the issue of gun control, it is necessary for advocates to push a narrative in which crime is especially bad, and in which the United... Read More

Maine Wire: Bloomberg’s Multi-State Assault on the Second Amendment

Bloomberg is on the move in Maine, Washington, Nevada and California. Via Maine Wire: Well-funded gun control measures are on the ballots of four states this fall. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun control groups promised back in August, as reported by The... Read More
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American Thinker: Hillary: Impose Gun Control by Judicial Fiat

Hillary’s gun control plans are just a continuation of her husband’s… Via American Thinker: It’s no news that Hillary Clinton is against guns (except those in the hands of people who protect the high and mighty) and enthusiastically in favor of restricting gun owners. When... Read More
Former Democratic Congresswoman Giffords

Star Tribune: Gabby Giffords’ Gun Background Check Group Buying TV Ads in MN Legislative Races

Every state is becoming a battleground for the gun grabbers. Via Star Tribune: A group founded by astronaut Mark Kelly and his wife Gabby Giffords — the former Arizona Congresswoman who was shot in an Arizona shopping plaza in 2011 — are rolling out a... Read More

Vice News: Clinton will Look to Her VP to Take On the NRA

Tim Kaine is a key piece in Hillary’s plan to take out the Second Amendment. Via Vice News: If they win, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine will be in a position to pursue an agenda on guns that would have been unthinkable even to Democrats... Read More

Washington Examiner: Election Drives Gun-Buying Surge, Beretta Election Sale on Magazines

Most Americans are putting off large purchases until after the election… except for firearms. Via Washington Examiner: Americans are suspending major purchases of houses and cars until after the presidential election, choosing instead to lard up on guns instead, according to a new survey provided... Read More
Michael Bloomberg HuffPo Op-Ed Once Again Shows Off the Smugness of the Anti-Rights Crowd

“When someone is ready to hand over the protection of his life to others, he’s also likely to have no interest in defending his ideas.” Via Gun control advocates offer a lot to object to when facts and logic are what we’re focused on,... Read More

CBS: Gun Sales Soar as Election Nears

Thanks to Hillary… Via CBS: With less than a week until the election, gun sales are surging. Sturm, Ruger reported that sales jumped by a third, to $161.4 million, in the quarter ended Oct. 1 compared with the same period last year. Earnings rose 66%.... Read More

Reuters: Gun Control Groups Spend Millions on State Ballot Initiatives

If you think your state is not next on the chopping block… think again. Via Reuters: Gun safety advocates are pouring tens of millions of dollars into Maine and Nevada to support ballot initiatives that would mandate background checks for gun sales in an effort... Read More