Category: FPC Newslinks With Trump in the White House, Hearing Protection Act Looks Good for 2017

Although Trump has not gone on record as supporting NFA deregulation, Donald Trump Jr. visited SilencerCo in September and made clear it was definitely on the table. Via A Republican trifecta in Washington next year will likely see action on a bill to remove... Read More
Chicago Mayor supports more gun control Chicago Voters Overwhelmingly Pass Gun Measure

Because more laws will solve the problems of Chicago… Via Chicago voters overwhelmingly passed a measure to increase penalties for anyone caught illegally trafficking firearms and that also requires gun dealers undergo a background check along with their employees. The measure passed with 92.6... Read More

CBS12: Unexpected Buyers Flood Post-Election Gun Market

Gun sales are still moving up, but buyers’ demographics are expanding. Via CBS 12: Gun sales usually surge going into the holidays, but this year, experts expect a shift in buyer demographics. With Donald Trump headed to the White House, gun retailers are seeing more... Read More

WGME: Maine Rejects Expanded Gun Background Checks

Bloomberg was beaten back in Maine on Election Day! Via WGME: In a major upset for Maine’s gun rights grass-roots and over a campaign apparatus that steeply outraised them, voters rejected an expansion of background checks on private gun sales and transfers on Tuesday. The... Read More

Reno Gazette-Journal: Nevada Narrowly OKs Tighter Gun Background Checks

Question 1 narrowly passes in Nevada, thanks to the millions spent by Michael Bloomberg. Via the Reno Gazette-Journal: Voters have approved an initiative to tighten gun background checks in Nevada. The vote totals were: * Yes – 558,586 * No – 548,685 Backers of the... Read More

ABC10: Controversial Campaign Mailer has Some Chula Vista Voters Questioning its Appropriateness

It seems like our friends at San Diego County Gun Owners “triggered” the anti-gunners by including *gasp* a gun on a campaign mailer… Via ABC10: A handful of Chula Vista voters are questioning the appropriateness of a campaign flyer that arrived in the mail this... Read More

Fox Business: Wynn Resort CEO on Nevada Gun Check Ballot Issue

“If people don’t read things, the people that are trying to sell us questions on a referendum, even a good friend of mine like Mike Bloomberg, you still need to take responsibility for reading things, knowing what they say and in this particular case I... Read More Gun Law Professor Debunks Stricter Gun Laws to Reduce Violence

“Johnson argues that the theory of gun control, that of fewer guns equaling less gun crime, is something of security theater.” Via Nicholas Johnson, professor of law at Fordham University, breaks down if gun control measures in places like Australia could work in America.... Read More

Breitbart: Wikileaks: Speechwriter warned Hillary not to Push Gun Control Day After San Bernardino Terrorist Attack

Hillary was cautioned not to blame gun owners for the actions of terrorists… Via Breitbart: An email contained in the WikiLeaks Podesta email release shows Hillary Clinton speechwriter Dan Schwerin warned that Clinton looked “behind the curve” by pushing gun control for what proved to... Read More

NPR: Gun Control Groups Aim their Money at States — and the Ballot

Bloomberg’s agenda is to build a west coast wall of gun control. Fight it below! Via NPR: The real battle over guns, though, has been waged at the state level this year — with a new emphasis on ballot initiatives. Washington is a prime example.... Read More