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“The Best Gun is the One You Have” – Primary & Secondary

“The Best Gun is the One You Have” By Matt Landfair (Primary & Secondary – December 15, 2016)   After reading many discussions on social media, specifically ones centered on firearms, I have found one phrase that people drop out of context frequently. This phrase... Read More

Women, Wardrobes, Guns – Primary & Secondary

Women Wardrobes, Guns By Sara Westman (Primary & Secondary – October 26, 2016) “But, women have to completely re-think their wardrobe in order to carry a gun safely.” Apparently, according to the vast majority of men, women regularly need to go up a size in... Read More

Speed Costs Money – Primary & Secondary

Speed costs money, how fast do ya wanna go By Ash Hess (Primary & Secondary – November 5, 2016) With the election upon us, it seems as if everyone now wants to buy, buy, buy firearms and gear “just in case.”  Which is cool, but... Read More