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Fifth Circuit: Machine Guns NOT Protected by the Second Amendment

The Huffington Post reports: A Texas man who sued the federal government because it wouldn’t approve his application to manufacture a machine gun doesn’t have a constitutional right to possess the automatic weapon, an appeals court ruled. Jay Hollis sought permission to convert his AR-15,... Read More

NFA Freedom Alliance Statement on “The Hearing Protection Act of 2015”

From our friends at NFA Freedom Alliance: As the nation’s strongest advocacy organization for National Firearms Act issues and related Second Amendment rights, the NFA Freedom Alliance supports all efforts to advance the rights of law-abiding people to own and use all items regulated by... Read More

BREAKING: Florida Bill to Legalize Open Carry Passes First Committee

On Tuesday, Oct 6th, the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee approved Rep. Matt Gaetz’s Open Carry and Strict Scrutiny bill. The bill passed committee mostly along party lines, with Rep. Chris Latvala (R-Pinellas) bucking his party to join House Democrats in opposing the Right to Bear Arms.... Read More
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BREAKING: Appeals Court Victory in Knife Rights’ Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against New York City

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit unanimously ruled today that Knife Rights‘ Federal civil rights lawsuit against New York City and District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. will proceed, reversing a District Court’s erroneous dismissal of the case on procedural “standing” grounds. The... Read More

Florida Carry sues Florida State University for illegal gun control

In 2014 then Senator Thrasher admonished Florida Carry during a legislative committee hearing for supporting a pro-Second Amendment bill that corrected an unconstitutional infringement on the right to bear arms rather than going to the courts and bringing a lawsuit. Today Florida Carry is taking his advice. Florida... Read More

Federal Judge Denies Injunction in Gun Dealer Speech Lawsuit in Spite of Likely First Amendment Violation

July 16, 2015 (SACRAMENTO, CA) – The State of California’s ban on handgun-related speech by licensed gun dealers likely violates their First Amendment speech rights, held a federal judge in Sacramento earlier this morning. The order, issued by District Court Judge Troy L. Nunley, found that the ban is... Read More
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Arizona Navy vet gets guns back, thanks SAF

The Second Amendment Foundation announced today that a retired Navy veteran has had his firearms returned after they were taken by police. PR Newswire reported: SAF had intervened in the case of Glendale resident Rick Bailey early last month, taking on funding of the case... Read More

SAF Sues Feds Over Censorship Of 3-D Firearms Printing Information

BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation today joined Defense Distributed of Austin, Texas, in filing a federal lawsuit against Secretary of State John Kerry, the Department of State and other federal officials, seeking to stop the Government’s unconstitutional censorship of information related to the... Read More

ALERT: Call TX Rep. Herrero TODAY and tell him to schedule pro-freedom bill HB 3884!

** TEXAS FREEDOM ALERT ** On behalf of Knife Rights (an FPC partner civil rights organization), Texas State Representative Harold Dutton (D-5) introduced HB 3884, a pro-freedom measure to repeal the ban on ALL so-called “illegal knives” listed in Texas statute. HB 3884, when passed... Read More

Civil Rights Groups Urge the Calif. Supreme Court to Affirm Legality of Common Pocketknives

A legal brief urging the California Supreme Court to rule that common, non-locking Swiss Army knives and similar pocketknives are not illegal ‘dirks’ or ‘daggers’ was filed Monday afternoon, the Knife Rights Foundation reports. George M. Lee, a partner at the San Francisco law firm... Read More