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SB 808: Calif. Senator Kevin de Leόn’s “ghost law” that ignores the real problem

Senator Kevin de Leόn (D-Los Angeles), seizing on a new opportunity to spin rhetoric, has authored a bill in SB 808 that purports to solve the problem of so-called “ghost guns,” but that really just creates new problems. According to the author, “Senate Bill 808... Read More

Law Enforcement to CA Sen. de León: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Matt, from The Bang Switch, is a law enforcement officer. He also recently penned this open letter to California Senator Kevin de Leόn (D-Los Angeles, 22nd Senate District), an except from which follows: I am a full-time deputy sheriff and have been so employed for 17 years. ... Read More

FPC’s de León Watch: The Best of California Senator Kevin de Leόn

California Senator Kevin de Leόn (D-Los Angeles, 22nd Senate District) is hilarious. He’s also a relentless anti-gun politician, but for all of the headaches and heartburn he sure does provide us with hours of entertainment. We’ll start off this blog post — which you should... Read More

WVCDL: Help Us Stop WV Sheriffs’ Carry License Shell Games

West Virginia, we have a problem. The WVCDL is preparing its first legal fight in many years. Certain West Virginia Sheriffs are violating the law of the state and adding their own requirements for issuing concealed carry permits. This trend has been growing in WV,... Read More

Awesome new NRA Women YouTube short

The folks at NRA News are really doing fantastic work of late. This new NRA Women short is exactly what we need — and more of it please.... Read More

Natalie Foster of Girls Guide to Guns to Pres. Obama: “Break the Cycle”

The incredibly dynamic Natalie Foster, creator of the popular Girls Guide to Guns website, lends her vision and voice to another great NRA News YouTube clip (shown below). Be sure to give Girls Guide to Guns a Like on Facebook here (and you can follow them... Read More

Mr. Colion Noir: What Gun Show Loophole?

... Read More

WVCDL Reports: Historic Victory!

WVCDL members and supporters, you have made history. I am unaware of any time in the history of our state where five pro-gun bills have been sent to the governor in one session. Read this entire message. It will be long, but it will be... Read More

CAL-FFL: The Reality of Gun Shows – Not the Arms Haven for Criminals Claimed By Some

via California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees In a viral video of a Portland, Oregon Lincoln Day dinner address to promote the recently-released Manchin-Toomey ”Public Safety And Second Amendment Rights Protection Act” background check bill, Mr. Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep... Read More

The Calguns Foundation: On Background Checks

via The Calguns Foundation As new talk of expanding Federal background checks raises to a fevered pitch in the US Senate, we think it’s important to go into some detail on CGF’s position. Some of the debate is moot for those of us in California... Read More