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Are you a 95%-er or a 5%-er?

Here’s something to consider: about 19 out of every 20 gun owners don’t really care about gun rights. Think about that for a second. You know who they are. You see them all over Internet forums and on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.... Read More

If You Support A Law That Is Based On Racism, Are You A Racist?

by John Richardson (Reprinted with permission: No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money) The headline to this post is meant to be provocative. In the last couple of days, I have received numerous emails from gun prohibitionists groups and have seen Everyday Moms for Illegal Mayors launch... Read More
US Stamped 1911

U.S. Army Raising “Concerns” Over CMP Transfers

U.S. Representative Mike Rogers (R-Alabama) made headlines recently when he introduced an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act of 2015 (H.R. 1735). The amendment allows for the transfer of surplus 1911A1 handguns to the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) for sale to the general public.... Read More
Hashim Fannin video screenshot

VIDEO: Legally-armed Atlanta man holds carjacker at gunpoint until police arrive

Mr. Hashim Fannin of Atlanta published a video on his YouTube channel showing a recent incident in which he held a carjacker at gunpoint until police arrived. In his post comments, Fannin said that the “clown jumped in my car and tried to rob me…Needless... Read More

An iPhone is Not Body Armor

Adam Westlake of reports: There is a growing trend of YouTube videos where recently released mobile devices, like new iPhones and Samsung Galaxies, get shot by weapons such as sniper rifles and shotguns, all while being filmed with precision cameras, allowing us to see... Read More
Northrup v. Toledo

Northrup v. Toledo: Why a Lawfully-Carried Handgun is Like a Wallet

Last Wednesday, the federal Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit issued its decision in the case of Shawn Northrup v. City of Toledo Police Department, a case about one man’s lawful open carry of handguns and the police officers’ response to his exercise of... Read More
The Constitution

Fire in a crowded theatre: deconstructing the logic of anti-gunners

“You can’t yell ‘fire!’ in a crowded theater.” You’ve heard the line before. It is frequently used to defend more expansive restrictions on various constitutional rights, and is often thrown down as a final “checkmate” in arguments over the legitimacy of certain policies. The phrase... Read More

Politics of Guns: ‘Prosecutors Against Gun Violence’ attacks Senator Cornyn’s National Right-To-Carry Reciprocity Bill

U.S. Senator John Cornyn’s (R-TX) Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2015 (S. 498, and its sister bill H.R. 923) is a new piece of legislation in Congress that would allow persons who are “entitled and not prohibited from carrying a concealed firearm in his... Read More

BREAKING: Bans on “Assault Weapons,” Firearm Magazines Can Be Based on Feelings, Rules Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals

In a stunning 2-1 decision published today that upheld a City of Highland Park, Illinois ordinance (§136.005 of the City Code) that prohibits the possession of so-called “assault weapons” and “large‐capacity magazines,” Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Frank Easterbrook held that [a]nother constitutional principle is relevant:... Read More

Why You Should Join FPC and Support “Protecting Liberty”

As you might already be aware, Firearms Policy Coalition is a proud supporter of Billy Johnson’s Protecting Liberty film project. We’re even going to donate up to $10 for every new and renewal FPC membership through April 29 to help fund the documentary’s production. Our... Read More