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“Compromise” on gun rights? No, thanks.

(Note: Reposted by request.) Gun owners–for amusement, sport, or whatever reason–sometimes engage in discussions on the topic of “compromise.” More specifically, hypotheticals are created along the lines of a statement (“if we give up X things, then they should give up Y things”) or a question... Read More

#WEARORANGE SHOCKER! Yet Another Gun Grabber Gets Federally Indicted

Another gun grabber got themselves federally indicted! Shocking, we know. According to The Hill, Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown (D) will appear before a federal judge, likely due to her involvement with a group advertised as a charity that never got around to register as a nonprofit.... Read More

Pink Pistols Membership Doubles After Orlando

Tragedy has a way of bringing communities closer together. In the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting, pro-second amendment members of the LGBT community are banding together to defend themselves and each other. According to, membership to the gay guns rights group, Pink Pistols,... Read More

The Resistance Starts NOW – Radio Free California, Broadcast #1

The resistance is alive. WE are the future. Join our team to fight back and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  ... Read More

BURN! BulletButton Inventor OWNS Governor Jerry Brown, Already Has a New Gun Control-Compliant Device in Production

Our friend Darin Prince – the inventor of the original Bullet Button and Price 50 magazine locking devices attacked in the two new “assault weapon” gun ban bills California Governor Jerry Brown signed yesterday – just burned Brown by dropping a new device (the BulletButton... Read More

American Hypocrite: Gov. Brown signs gun control bills, then issues proclamation declaring Independence Day

No, this is not The Onion. Yes, Brown really is that depraved. In a stunning display of hypocrisy, California Governor Jerry Brown issued a “Proclamation Declaring Independence Day” in the State of California just moments after signing six new anti-gun, pro-terrorist bills into law: “The... Read More

Yet Another Anti-Gun Politician To #WearOrange In Prison

Yet another hypocritical, anti-gun politician who has abused power of his office to protect himself has been sentenced to prison. Former Los Angeles County Undersheriff Paul Tanka led a criminal conspiracy in the Sheriff’s Department to deceive the FBI and its investigation of inmate abuse... Read More

Another Anti-Gun Politician To Wear Orange… In Jail

Convicted criminal and anti-gun Rep. Chaka Fattah (D–PA) is the just the latest in the parade of disgraced anti-gun legislators who’ve been evicted out of office for getting caught acting as if the laws don’t apply to them. Fattah was found guilty on all of... Read More

FACT-CHECK: Calif. Assembly Bill 2510

Earlier today, we received a few messages from gun owners saying that they’re getting conflicting information about California Assembly Bill 2510, a dangerous bill that we strongly oppose in its current form. Given the understandable confusion, we wanted to take this opportunity to explain AB... Read More

Beat Bloomberg >> JOIN. ACT. VOTE!

Gun control commander-in-chief and billionaire former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is pouring millions of dollars into key state and federal races across the country. He knows that 2016 is the make-or-break year for Second Amendment gun rights across the United States, with everything... Read More