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We Will Not Comply

In the last few months, anti-gun politicians around the country have used questionable methods to advance their unconstitutional agenda and seem to have the attitude that no matter which edicts they issue, law-abiding gun owners will simply roll over and comply. First California lawmakers ignored... Read More

#WearOrange Flashback: Former NJ Mayor Against Illegal Guns Samuel Rivera

Former Passaic, NJ Mayor Samuel Rivera (D) spent time as a member of New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group Mayors Against Illegal Guns in addition to having once sat on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s Mayors Council. Rivera’s illustrious career of sitting, being anti-gun,... Read More

They’re Making Room In Jail For Gun Owners…

Have you seen the headlines in recent years? Prison overcrowding is a thing of the past. AB 109 forced thousands of dangerous criminals down to county jails, where they were released due to underfunding and overcrowding. Proposition 47, passed in 2014 by the voters, allowed... Read More

WATCH The Story of “Gunpocalypse”

As with all catastrophes, there’s more to “Gunpocalypse” than just the systematic destruction of civil rights during a single legislative term. No, something like Gunpocalypse didn’t just happen in one day. It’s the three year story of an authoritarian government finally coming to terms with... Read More

Stop Gun Grabbers From Using Your Children to Ban Guns!

Again, anti-gun, elitist politicians are using your children in a depraved scheme to rip your rights away. That’s right. Gutless politicians in Washington, DC are attempting to use children to backdoor a renewal of the federal assault weapons ban! This proposed law BANNING the use... Read More

#WearOrange Flashback: Former CA Assemblywoman “Mug Shot Mary” Hayashi

Former California Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi (D) would have been best known around the state for being one the most notorious anti-gun politicians in the state. She’s instead best known for #WearOrange. That’s right. “Mug Shot Mary” was charged in 2011 for felony grade theft for shoplifting... Read More

A Note On Recalls

At FPC, our policy team always takes a calculating and methodical approach to serious political matters–especially those that could have a serious downside or negative consequences. One such political issue that is fraught with peril if not carefully planned, funded, timed, and targeted are recall... Read More

Rep. Coleman (D-NJ): 2nd Amendment Only Covers Muskets

Anti-gun, elitist Democrats in the U.S. Congress held yet another press conference before they left for their taxpayer-funded summer breaks. Everyone knows what that means…another gun grabber gets to embarrass themselves! This time it was Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) to trip herself over the... Read More

Gun-Grabber Hypocrisy EXPOSED!

After “gun control is a public safety issue,” the second-favorite talking point from gun-grabbing politicians might as well be “do what I say, not as I do.” Anti-gun politicians sure love telling everyone else what’s good for them before, of course, excluding themselves from the... Read More

#WEARORANGE: Anti-Gun Politician Charged With Fraud

Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown (D) will be a bit preoccupied in coming days from trying to take away your guns. She’ll be busy trying to stay out of jail. Brown was charged with multiple fraud and additional federal offenses in a grand jury indictment following a... Read More